Monday, 14 December 2015

The Marsh Pride

My Dear Friends, We had a very disappointing December 2015 with lose of Marsh pride member on Poison what a shame, As you can see from my last write up the prides are in big presure due to night grazing, this is the end result of it, Last week one of the guides from Main Govenors camp headed on his nomarl game drive to find Bibi dead and Allan frosting in his mouth, He call camp quickly for help and imagine the guest who had paid to come over to the Mara to see and Photograph this Cats, they call the vet from Defny Shaldrek Trust who came a little late due to distance but help was here at last, Allan was dong well until night when the Buffaloes discovered and Trumbull him to dust nothing was left of poor Allan, to this Date we had Lost Siana we think she may had move to cover somewhere and died and got finish by other predictors, Soon the news was break to all over the country and beyond every one new this a big blow to our nationa heritage and the rest of consevertion lovers, One thing every one must know about the Maasai Mara it have a big name in Kenya and out side the world, films had been made here best selling Photos had been made here in the Mara, In this regards we must all of us defied it with all of our power and strangth, f the Mara falls it will be like a very big tree follen and it take down a lot of trees where it falls, In history most of the time the County Authority manage to contain this negative news from reaching outside world but not this time round, Before it reach to the county HQ it's already coming from the headline all over the country and Oveseas, To this day they will have to take full responsibility for allowing cattle grazing in the famous Maasai Game reserve, I will believe when I see in a few month that there are no cattle in the National Reserve, I had there is a total barn during the day as well as during the night I will wait and see, This is just one of the reported incidents there many more we do not know however if the Prides are left a lone no interfere it will baunce back in a very short time, When One of Malaika Cubs get taken by a crocodile it Was sad to loose such a close friend but this is natural and we have to forget quickly but not BiBi this was very Painful and it will take us a long time to recover, Have a good coming Christmas and Very prosperous 2016. Asanti Sana Jackson Looseyia,

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mara News

Dear Friends, The high season had just ended with many camps having some business others not so good, after my long travel to the Far East, US and UK my business had grown amazing, I remember trying to be polite in Singapore when my hosts who had been so nice to me introduce some interesting sea food, While it's nice to be a little advatures on other cultures foods, well it was not going that well for a maa man who was brought up drinking Milk and some little blood, to date I still wander how someone venture on eating crabs, and there long no so much beautiful legs, in fact we had to use a heavy duty players to break the exoskeleton to get the meat, Well leave that a lone and hope to see this guest some time in my office while I take them to enjoy our Natural world, Our Local prides are dong well, starting from Lemek it's impressive two new males and lots females soon we will have new Cubs arrive, Mara North two prides are flourishing Acacia pride which had broke into small groups and an impressive pride near Offbeat Mara with two beautiful males and lots of Cubs, The Marsh pride did a little poor this time round, with scar injured a few years ago he left to the Mara Triangle and followed his brothers Sikio, Hunter and Morani, We had watch helpless our strong pride in the Maasai Mara break into small groups in such of food and habitat while the night becomes a cattle range in Kenya famous National reserve, How disappointed we are all from all walks of professional, film makes, Photographers, and normal holiday makes, I had spent most of my game drives in the unique Mara Triangle and to tell the Truth it's the most well run National reserve in Eastern Africa, well done to the people involved Brian Hearth being the CEO and his dear team of brave men and women, The river Pride also known as the Ridge Pride or Rekero Pride, is severing with a lot of presure, any lion's within Topi Plains, Rhino ridge, streach to Bila Shaka had been push by night cattle grasses towards the west on the the Mara River, As a result the prides are push into very small tight conners and a lot of conflict are witness, This pride have no otherwise but to cross the Mara River to the Mara TrI angle, Olkiomo Pride which was taken over by the little Nortch Boys not so much little any more, are also seen rather in difficult times as they turn into Noctanal this pride move between Kanga below figtree and the Uclea forest above Olkiomo a long the Takek River, The Little Notches have now taken over Double Cross pride forcing David and Nick out to Olare Orok Motorogi Conservancy, The old Chiefs Notch old boys are down to three after Bob also known as Grim died on a natural cause, the Chiefs had dominated half of the Mara game reserve and now heading to Nothern Serengeti, in the last few days we had seen them most of the time on Look out hill and some days we follower until they cross the Kenya Tanzania Baoundary, into the Serengeti, In the Office for the last few years we had some good migration but this year had been the best I had seen in twenty years, action was fantastic, big Crossing like we had never witness, the good news in Kenya was we had few death a crossing the Mara River, But I had seen some disaster crossing on social media in Northern Serengeti, More t come on our spotted cats, Asanti Sana, Jackson Ole Loosyia,

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Our Safari will not be compete if we did not see the Notch Boys, Powerful as ever and we love seeing this males I had followed since they were little babies.
In a lot of Big cat Safaris Little Cheetah will make you Smile I love my Masai Mara office full of surprises My Safari with Sarah Skinner, Ashe Oleng Jackson Looseyia,
This are my few Memories with Sarah Skinner and her Group in the 7 days Trip, a young lion from the River Pride Asanti Sana, Jackson Looseyia

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A head of time,

I remember saying we have two spaces left, on my last blog, true we had our guest arrive to meet the extra ordinary wildlife experience in the Mara, I went to meet my guest at Olkiombo Airstrip and the first thing we meet was mad we got stack on the Talek River, oops, The after we had been rescue by Dominic Naurori, we drove slowly toward camp for Lunch, Sara and I did some briefing what we are going to do in the next 7 days on Safari, this was so exiting as every one was ready to see my office my style, This is very important to all of our guest keep time every min lost in camp count, early morning is key for Activities and we have to spend a good fair time looking for Game they move to different direction but we had always manage to see what we weeded in every day we had put time, In our first evening we went to look for the River pride it's is the Lagerst pride in the area with Lipsic and Blackee this pride is solid, Before we sow them we found a single female Cheetah and was hunting this took us a few hours, and finally killed something small but better than a staving Cheetah, Then we run to see the pride before dark and finish it up with our first sundowners, the pride consist of 2 Males, 5 Lioness, lots of young of different ages, fun as you can imagine, the play, running around at taking each other, the beautiful evening light and all what I can hear was camera creaking, I knew the office was busy and good, Sammy and Dominic had fun too chatting and learning from the two experts, how to position, etc, Strait to camp time is up first evening, J

Arriving Home

Now my office is calling, where are the wildlife I love so much, Lemek Pride, Acacia Pride at Mara North, Marsh Pride, the Breakaway, the River pride, Double cross pride, Notch Young Males and Old Makes, the list is endless, what about Transmara, Kinki pride, Egyptian Magoose pride, Mogoro pride, The Cheetah, Leopards, and hug clans of Hyenas, the Elephants heads, all different colorful birds in the office, flying termites, and the list goes on for ever, I had miss them all, Safaris stared, first from Kevin Bishop from Asia to Africa, he came with his family and I had the privilege to take them around, we so a lot, Malaika, other Cheetah, Lions and spend as much time as we can at the Marsh with Bibi and her Family, the tree days went so quickly like we had a day, Then the following two days I had Sarah Skinner with other guest who had travel to Kenya before and love it, Jackie Downey, Lou Frankenstein, Sue Marshal, Follow me for the next Seven days of a safari in the Maasai Mara staying at Entim, Asanti sana, Jackson

My New tittle Freelance Guide

Good afternoon my dear friends, I had one more thing to add on my UK Trip, meetIng at Tusk Trust dinner, before I left my country Kenya for a makerting trip in the USA a friend send me an email, (will you be come any time soon to UK)? He ask and I said yes on my way from the U.S. I will spend a week in UK, Charlie the chairman of Tusk Trust in UK said we will invite you to join us at the Tusk award, I said yes indeed I love any thing to do with conservation and this one is an excellent Organazation, The week went busy as usual in any large city like LONDON then I had the card, the event will be on a posh resturants in the middle of London, wou, I then prepare my self with a red suka and a thousand miles, walk out of the hotel call for a taxi off we went, We arrive with and the security was a little tight, but at the same time on my arrival Kate Silverton, Simon King, were there to welcome me I was happy, the pictures went crazy and I fell a little intimidated, but Kate a news reader is use to this kind of flashes, no wander this guys don't see much in the wild there eyes are burn by cameras flash, Many people were there I could say very wealthy on the look of them, big business men and women however I had meet a lot of them on Safari in Kenya, After catching up with a few people we are all ask to Sit down dinner is about to be served, mins before there was silence in the room and I did not know what was happening, I look around but every body was standing up and looking towards the main Door, I did the same and wandering who was coming, The Guest of Honor Your Highness Prince William arrive, this was the high light of my entire trip in US and UK, we were all sat down and I could not stop looking at this great man of UK it was superb thank you Charkie for making me meet My conservantion Hero, Kenya did well on the awards we wan the Overall by Richard Bonham, and second award went to Madagascar, the event was extra ordinary, couloful and lifely, I was thinking about the all good things men do here in Kenya for example Ron Beaton should had been on the List a long time ago, I remember him driving around from camp to camp looking for investors on the creation on all conservancy, Olare Orok, Emotoragi, and Olkinyei to name a few, he is my next Hero at home, I came back home filled with Joy of my trip on the western world, This what Freelance give you a sense of freedom and ready to meet other people who are busy doing good, Next is coming soon, Regards, Jackson Looseyia,

Saturday, 24 January 2015

A quick trip to Maasai Mara

Dear Friends, I will be leading a six days trip in the Mara next month Feburary 2015 with Sarah Skinner, we have 3 space left to be booked, If your interested please contact wildlife trails,, Please note I do not take any direct booking it have to go through an agent, Thank and hope to see you in my Office next Month, Jackson Looseyia,

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Seven Oarks Kent

Know since I have been slightly expose to the Internet world of communication, one of my good friends sow my post on social media while I was in the USA, we the Skype and made a plan, when I arrive to Heathrow Airport they arrive too and pick me up towards Kent County, the moment I arrive every thing sims small, the space is small, the cars are tinny, compared to Anerica Cars and the roads are narrow and small, We had to stop on serval occasion to give way because the road could not fit two cars, I notice the old tradition of the English People an Nation who once rule the world, Kenya, Uganda, India, Australia and USA just to name a few, I wander strait way How they plan all this in on of the smallest countries in the west, Lots of Churches on view within the Village and the houses look old and settle within the old Oarks Trees who had lost there leaves, every small space available was covered with fllowers and blue tits will fly a cross in between the tradition gardens, Finally I arrive on my destination, the cattle was boiling and had a cup of tea, I felt at home but still a little cold, my best friend was the radiator on the wall which provided heating in the house, I hug it dearly as I got hot and cold every now and then, after a full English breakfast I took my shower and took a small nap, this was refreshing, just in time to go for small walk with Dogs before we had dinner meeting, Our friends who had been on Safari with me a few times arrive just in time for sundowners but no sun at this point it gets dark quickly never mine it's England one of the guest said, Our stories at seven Oarks was about the last safari and how great it was in the Mara Triagle, this one of our best places to visit in the Maasai Mara, we reflect the black Rhinos, Hundreds of Elephants, lions, Cheetah and Leopards, the sounds of hippo on the Mara river right at Dirisha camp site, And Philip and Isaac dishes, Chocolate Brownies, we were carried away to my office within seconds, we plan quickly the next trip and hope they had contacted there agent and book 2016, I wave good night and went to bed I slept so quickly just like a doll when you rest upside the eyes close instant, The next morning we have a few appointments with Chris who is the Boss of Bush and Beyord a long side Trish Bonham, this time round we did fast from one place to another, but I had meet so many agent we had visited, it was not had at all, our Job is to remain them about Bush and Beyond and the propaties they represent, A good Job well done, now we regroup again, Josh, Alex, and Chris, this a team of men but one have red instead of black, I had an invitation to join 100 people who came to join winners of Tusk Trust Awards, this I could not resist, especially when one of the Royal family Members was coming, I had to prepare my self and finally, I arrive at the club, The security was tight and what was amazing some of this security offices know my name, so there was not much to check on me I just went in and out because of the picture, TV work etc, This was my highlight of the UK visit, we chatted exchange cards and catch up with mates I have not seen or had from for years, Simon King, Kate Silverton, just to name a few famous people in the club Claggys, I did not know where the time went, Wait for the next write about dinner servers, Asanti Sana Jackson Looseyia,

From Miami to London

Dear Friends, Happy New year to you all I wish you a very successful 2015, just to track back my Westen safari last month, here is the other part II of my visit, Off we went towards the Airpot leaving behind the flatt plains and swamps of Florida, still did not see the famous Alegatas who rule one of the world Lagerst swamp, I have a good reason to go back to Miami but not to hunt but to photographer, I started to look for wildlife on our way slightly relax as home Kenya dates are getting close, what I had found was groups of kites on our way, what ever was on the ground it was plenty, being a guide in Kenya when ever we see so many of one species we suspect lot of food for them even when they are migrating, a day or two with thousands of birds will translate bug hatching or otherwise, Our driver could not tell us what was the kite about but time is clicking to get our plain to New York and connect to London, I was happy to check out my bag and getting ready for the English winter, from a hot air in Miami, to freezing cold winter in New York and London, 6 days to go I said to Josh Perrot and he agree with me it's time we head home, our flight connection was tight but we just made it like 20 min, I could have been unhappy to miss my flight and spend some time in JFK, For once I thought the the trip was shorter than the last time I flow from New York to London, we arrive at the same time with Chris Flatt who came from Kenya to join us on our final roadshow in UK, I was rapt up with a double Shuka colored Red and small yellow strip, this was my most perfect Shuka for the winter, as we arrive the lady officer who serve us could not believe a Maasai is coming to UK with a thousand millers and some suka while the rest of the people arriving are covered up with black heaver winter coats, I could read confusion in her Eyes but to Mr. Looseyia I have been I know what it feels, please give way, I quick cup of tea or coffee could be good as we prepare our bags so we did, More coming on my safari in UK, Salams Jackson Looseyia,