Monday, 8 December 2008

Mara general news

Dear all,
In the last week we have been very busy in the maasai mara large office lots of good wildlife viewing with weather being the best.
My son Morris Kasana came to visit me after a school holiday he has been very lucky to have meet up with Shakira and her cubs.
We were lucky to see the fathers of Shakira cubs, the two boys lost one of there brothers to lions last year but still are very dominant over Honey boys though fewer in number.

Yesterday We spend a whole day with Olive and Binti which I m delighted to show my son the characters and how they perform in there natural world.
Olive made two kills in just a matter of a few min what a great hunter, more so for my little boy to see what I meant when I said  its so had to find and track this maridadi Cat.
He was also happy to have meet Simon King the man he have seen many time on big cat diary.

We then went to see the mash pride at musuara this to him was like meeting friends and he remembers them in last visit with all members of my family.
I just think as early as I cold introduce the news of my office to young people the better, the news will travel to the grassroots.
At the end which is today the young boy have seen 12 cheetahs, 6 leopards, and 34 lions, over 200 Elephants, 1 Rino, two groups of hyanas and many birds, and countless other mammals.
He things been very luck but I think we are bless to have shared the same experince together as father and son. 

I have not been able to track Top Notch and his club however the future of this boys is very bright in the a short while I think before long they will take over many prides not one it will be 4 or more.
A coalition of males this many have been seen in the Seregeti and not a lot in the maasai mara.
I m keeping my eyes and ears open for this club they will start looking for prides to take over and will not be surprise if they take over the mash pride because the two males are not looking strong not long before they are shone the door.

The clans of Hyaenas are also doing well a few activities with them too last week we found a dead hippo killed by another male while we watch who do come and clean it the vultures came first a alerting the other scavengers jackals and hyaenas.
Then a bit of politics started with two clans what a fight it went for hours right to the middle of the day we miss lunch and we observe which party wins the largest meal of the day.
Finally we left as darkness approaches but we came very early the next morning all we found was the skull and the back born.

Finally I m going home just before Christmas and come back after 6 days and I m sure will keep you updated before I live and if for some reason I have not posted any news it will not be long before I come back to my office.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful general news, Jackson. What a lucky boy your son is indeed. I've only ever seen Mara aniamls in a zoo (sadly, I think). I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and look forward to your next news from the Mara.
Very best wishes indeed.

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson

You have been very busy Jackson! What great news about all the cats, great news that they are all doing so well.
How beautiful Shakira and her girls are. Interesting that the two cheetah boys pictured are their father. We saw these two devouring a zebra kill on our last day in the Mara. Even our guide said he had never seen such fat cheetahs! We nick named them the pregnant males!!
Super pictures of Claude, Romeo, Olive and White Eye too.
What a turn up it would be if Notch returned to the Marsh Pride.
Thanks for all the updates,it keeps us going through these cold winter months and is so lovely to know that the cats are healthy and happy.
You are very lucky to be able to share all these wonderful sights with your son. He is a very lucky boy.
Asante Sana Jackson.

CatsEye said...

Thank you very much Jackson, for this newsy post and for the great pics of Olive, Shakira and the girls in the last one! It's lovely to see them growing and doing so well.

Have a great Christmas!!!!

Mags said...

Very interesting news Jackson, I am so glad your son is following in his father's footsteps. May I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and we all look forward to hearing your news in the New Year.


suzie2 said...

Jambo Jackson

Great to read your blog, particularly as we should have visited the Mara this Sept., but due to illness had to cancel, hope to return next year. Africa is very addictive and we cannot wait to return, keep the wonderful news coming. we wish you and family a great Christmas and all the very best for the new year

Asante Sana Jackson

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What alot of news, that was a great read.Good to know they are all doing so well in that beautiful office of yours.
Have a wonderful christmas Jackson with your family and look forward to your update in the new year.

Mama Duma said...

What a lovely update. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Jackson and look forward to more news in 2009.
With very best wishes
Mama Duma

Mark and Ams said...

Jambo Jackson
It is lovely to see you with your son, it must have been such a treat for you both to spend the time together and to see so much. Thank you for your updates, they bring everything back to us so vividly and we are still missing being with you all very much!
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas at home and please say happy christmas to everyone in camp for us.
Love to everybody, Ams, Mark, Charlotte and George xxx

Mags said...

Kuwa na Krismasi njema Jackson and family, and to all the readers of your Blog.

Looking forward to hearing all your news in 2009