Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nick and David Pride

Dear Friends, The Double Cross pride had gone though tough times, having Notch boys come and go the Marsh pride Males checking and going and OOC Males, David and Nick stayed no matter for as long it will take and cast to make a family, finally we sow the fruits of there patients lots of cubs from 5 lioness, some of the cubs of cause will not make it but some are proving to be good looking even last month with the begging of Long Rains, I am glad this pride in the Double cross area is going strong, the Good news is the National Reserve have been strict for the fist time I remember on illegal grazing that means the pride have a bright future,


Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson.
Hope you are well.That is great news that they are doing well :)
Apesey x

Anonymous said...

What happen to notch? Do you think of his sons kill him?

Mike Attwood said...

Hi Jackson,
Good to hear the good news on the control of illegal grazing.

becki-c said...

So good to see the pride is strong!. Hope you are doing well and will check in often, Jackson.

Shotyourself said...

Keep doing the great job out there man, happy weekend to you and all your family.Its great to see Nick(Mohican)in your photos!