Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trouble Mash pride

Dear Friends, Our Season is over and ready for the long rains in the Maasai Mara, As I had said on my pass Blogs that the Mash pride will have many Challenges its now proving to it, We had lost so much in this large pride in the mara, just to name a few, Red, Lisby, and White Eye and Clawed all of them had been hit by young headsmen in the park or some time just out side the park, lately was Scar thank to KWS they came on time to save his life and one other young Female, The Night Grazing that had been a lowed by the Park Authorities does not work and will never work I would suggest if the people are a lowed to graze then let them come during the day and being escorted by Rangers to make sure they go by the rules of the park or the best will be 0 grazing in the park period, Asanti Sana, Jackson Looseyia


Shotyourself said...

Hey Jackson, thank you for the updates.I Hope u will get news about David and Nick,David was not seen in doublecrossing area for 1 week and a half and the KWS treated a male lion around BilaShaka who looks like David but I am not sure if its him.

kevin stj said...

Jackson, I love your dedication to the big cats and I am so sorry to hear of these losses:( I loved watching all these in the Marsh Pride:)

I live in Canada and my DREAM is to come see you there in the Mara- not only see you but maybe live and volunteer there for a while?:)

I am the biggest cat lover anywhere! The only thing stopping me from visiting you there is money:(

I am 41 years old and have many regular cats myself:) I take care of about 40 feral/wild cats in my city. I also myself have 5 in my house and 5 outside my house I take care of.

I have a kind of "talent" with animals. Almost all trust me very much, including big dogs like pit bulls, german sheperds and bull mastiffs etc etc...

I will be thinking and praying for you and the team there... Kevin, in Canada.

p.s. Jackson- have you ever met Kevin Richardson ("lion whisperer"?)

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Shotyourself,
I have seen David its Nick I have not seen,
I was there when they treated a lion but I have not seen him whether it Nick,
Lots of fighting among lions which is Normal

Thank you,
Jackson Looseyia

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your comment I love cats too but I have to limit my self from taking it too much because it can break your heart when they die or being Kill,

Thank you,

Jackson Looseyia

Shotyourself said...

Thank you for replay, I guess it was Morani from the Musketers at bilashaka.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of these wonderful characters of the Mara. Red & White Eye & Lispy were like wallpaper-always hanging around! How could these lions be killed in the park set up for their own protection? I hope the grazing will stop!
Thanks for your updates & dedication to these animals. They need you! I was sorry for the loss of your Olive. I suspect she recognized you and Ranger Solo. You two would see her and think "there's my Olive!" and she would think, "there's my guys!" Life in the wild is so hard, and there aren't always second chances. May your hearts be uplifted & sustained by the One who made these beautiful animals and placed you in a position to care for them. Your work is so important, because these animals are all becoming endangered. Thanks for all you do!

chakota lakota said...

I am so sorry for the "killing" of Red, White Eye and Lispy! If they died naturally, that is from nature, but the be killed by the Masai is unforgivable! Why did this happen? Were they killing their livestock? Aren't they compensated for the lions killing their cattle? Can't you do something to stop this kind of action, after all you are part of their culture!! I hope you will answer me back! I have a lot of respect for you and what you are trying to do for conservancy, JUST DO MORE to save the big cats!!