Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Karibu Mwaka Mpya

Dear friends, 2013 had been a had year for all of us in the travel industry having an election year and loosing Olive, Notch and a few other cheetahs, Lets hope this new year bring a lot of Joy to many of us in the Maasai Mara, meaning new cubs from Bahati which we are all waiting for, more cubs from the Marsh pride and the Double cross pride headed by David and Nick, I do wish you a happy New year and lots more Fun, Best wishers, Jackson Looseyia


Mike Attwood said...

Best wishes to you and all your 'friends' for the coming year.

becki-c said...

Happy New Year, and best wishes to you and your family too. Such a beautiful leopard, I hope that you have more joy and leopard, cheetah and lion cubs in the next year.

Vivian Reed said...

Notch is gone..