Monday, 22 September 2014

Nick is Back with David,

After a long Period, I have been looking for Nick, I thought he had it may be he got Killed, the good news is he is a live and strong just a few scars, he left to challenge Cheza and Sala and I think he had succeeded since he had taken residents at OOC Conservancy, Now just a day now I meet him with his best Friend David and looking great and this male Made my good day in the office, Next min I meet up with Narasha, she is looking a little old and the Scar she had on the side is now healed, though this had resulted on loosing Cubs, I was happy to see her and spend the whole day with Narasha near Mara Toto,
Good evening my Friends, Salaams Jackson Looseyia


Anonymous said...

Ohh, it's so nice to see Cheza and Sala's names mentioned, I'd wondered how they were. I'm afraid Tamu and Solo may not be around anymore since there's been no mention or sighting in a long time. Wish these big kitties could live forever, but, alas, that can't happen.

Thanks for sharing!

Francine Borud said...

Thank you so much for all your updates :)

Have you seen Scar and his boys lately?

Vivian Reed said...

Ohhhh Tamu and Solo... I have wondered about them so often. Has anyone heard about Solo? I love that Cat!