Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Last day at San Francisco

Some time in the evening we meet up with Aardvark MD John Spence, a tall gentleman, black Hair with back eyes, and Liz who have been guiding us new where to go, this time round to Facebook Campase, with a lot doors and cards exchange this include ID and within seconds we are all given cards to hang on our necks, Shortly we meet Chris who will be taking us around FB, After our meeting some people booked to come and see my office, Chris and his wife Jan had already sign to come, this one place on our side show we are weak at and no one will ever be perfect, how to explain in details how safari is like, the Views, clouds, sun set couloful sky, sounds, wind, smell, just to mention a few things, Chris took us around he pointed, "this a full Denis department, all kind of food, pitzze, coffee, and list goes on but all of this is free no one can buy any thing but the gift shop," The number of computers I sow here at Facebook and Instagram went beyond believe, so this where it began, we sow Mark the youngest Billionaire in the world with another young couple on a interview Room, for me this place made my trip at San Fransico, Soon we had to go back to the hotel and park ready to meet LA, this call a business trip, Like had to believe we are still in the state of CA but flying for nearly 2 hours to get to LA and here we are lax airport, not so much to go through since it's an internal flight, easy took our bags and headed to the famous retal Cars Hardz, breaded with Yellow any one can find it, Liz on wheels to the Orenge County a few meetings here and back to the hotel at 11:pm Mr. Looseyia was too tired especially with my time different at home in Kenya, Los Angeles if different, spread out and for hours you can drive and a real congrat Jungle, I always talk to my self and say will I live here, in my hear this a big no, how could make it, where will my cows graze? Sorry this not my place, One more meeting Boys Liz said to us in the morning after breakfast, I am now missing my chai and real milk strait from a cow tits, the milk we are serve are in small containers I needed ten in my cup of tea just to try an much with my home milk, When I look back to my serves on safari I realize we do look after people on safari in fact we spoil them, the silverware, real cups, and places not to forget how share with starlings and yellow vented Bulbuls around the table, Soon we had finish our meetings in LA and drove to San Diego, Solana Beach this time, Next on my safari to US, Jackson Looseyia,

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Mike Attwood said...

You are right Jackson there is no place like home.