Saturday, 18 October 2014

Jambo Rafiki, As we windup the season the wildebeest once again have given us the best intertwinement ever on Crossing the Mara River, I witness this Crossing several times this year some exiting some disturbing but its all natural nothing to do about it, Crocks had got to eat, Lions Leopards and Hyenas all part of the ecosystem with we are proud of, I am now waving good bye our Gnus as they head to the next destination to calf at the Serengeti, This year maasai Mara have well come visitors across the world a lot from Asia and this was the opportunity we had guides, and Travel Agents NGOs Government to educate them to stop demand our Rhino Horn and Ivory, I was amaze to see in all Cars, Etc all happy to put sticker which say NO Trading of Ivory or any other animals Products in Kenya, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,


Mike Attwood said...

Hi Jackson,
That is a very impressive piece of photography. Excellent.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Thank you Mike this was easy because the light and my possition was just perfect,

Very Best

becki-c said...

The light and the action is so amazing! Your office view is so much better than mine, God bless you Jackson1