Thursday, 4 December 2014

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I went to the checking desk since I have no dear how to use the new small boxes in the airports this days, I was proud of my self one bag under 20 kg for 3 weeks, the matter is its all Shukas nothing els easy, Strait to the boarding launch and waited for a few mins and here we go, a min), before I got there one of the security offices said you have so many nails on your shoes what is for, I said to him this are call a thousand Milers I had this shoes for 11 years traveling through this airport sorry this are not explosive (Nkinyera) in maa, He looked at me and said mad Maasai, a quick call to my wife to tell her I am now out of the country and from there on there was no telephone communication kwaheri Mama watoto, This was an overnight flight and I am one of those who never sleep on the plain and it's chill on the feet maai I took my maasai Shuka spreed it over a long with plain thin blanket wao an they mean, Arrive Amsadam 6:45 and waited for 3 hours to the next flight to Manyapplis, It's winter but lots coffee shops and shopping not my cup of tea while I am just begging the trip, when to boarding gate and this I thought we are heading to Unated State surely they will take blood sample, temperatures, non of this happen, my confident was growing and meet a lot of people who have just finish there safari in Kenya and Tanzania, I ask them how was it they all said could be any better we love it so much can't wait to go back to your country, I was happy that during this era of Ebola some people are well inform that we did have Ebola in East Africa, this the massage I was caring all a long please people travel have fun do not be afraid, Ebola is the list threat if at all, It took us 9 hours but it sound to me like more than that, by then I have lost it, we left at 10:am and we arrive at 2:30 pm and the time chage is not registered in my brain, so I just agree, and move on asking people what is the time, Arrive to the USA this was a busy place like 4 plains arrived at the same time all of a sadden over 900 people standing with babies bags, bags, security agents every where, they did not ask many of us any questions or take temperature as we are told from home, they only people they wanted was the US citizen, one after an other, where did you go? Why? Are you bring any thing to the US? List goes on until we left, running to the next connection and just bearly Made it and this my first destination Denver, Waoo me with Red Shukas no socks or jacket wind blowing in the winter cold cold, Don't miss the next read, Jackson Looseyia,

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