Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Del Mare Solana Beach,

Long drive on one of the busiest roads in CA blvd 408 with 7 cars coming and 7 going, and still there was trafic hadly move, every one drive here few people walk, and rightful though the distance are big, to get from one place to another, long Streach of road and glimps of the Pasific Ocean every now and then finally we arrive, John Spence who had meet us at Facebook is here to meet us on an evening event, lots of wine, food to bite, and the guest arrive as many as 68 people, some had been on safari to Kenya and many parts of Africa, while others are new can't wait to head to Africa, now Ebola is no longer the subject in fact most people we visited said its over and phone are startng to ring and emails coming in, it's the same in this office people wanting to travel, South Africa, Botwana, Kenya Tanzania just to name a few countries on the Safari list, Emma Spence invited us for dinner at there house I could not resist, I have known this family for years and the kids and Dogs, it was going home away from home, The rest of the office staff from Aardvark came to join us and this was lovely we treasure every min we had at a family home stay, I had my early morning appointment with our other good friends I had meet many times on Safari Mitch and Pauline, while they are in Kenya for their 20th trip I ordered and IPad Air, and I was exited to have new toy the next day, I could dream about it like going on Safari, I was thinking how I will buy a new safari cover, and Instal my ebirds, emammals, ewildlife,and stargaze, Mitch came to the Hotel at about 8:30 and we went to another place and have coffee and do business, He pointed out on my watermelon, meaning I am growing a small belly better watch!!! We lough and lough but all good with a point, not many Maasai have this chips and bear Belley, this must go before I see you in Kenya, hugs and hand Shake then good buy, we had another quick meeting then we all drove to LA where I will spend my quirt time in Some place in LA, Don't miss the next write, Jackson Looseyia,

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