Monday, 22 September 2014

Malaika and Bahati

Dear Friends, The office had been great this season, we got lucky to see Malaika and her 5 cubs out of 6 she lost one to Lions near Sand River close to the TZ boarder, I would think like Shakira we could see this very cheetah going to out of the Mara, We had some straggle on Cheetah this season once again in the Park, though we have seen a few Males around Paradise plains its evident that Cheetahs are not as many as we like to see, Plenty of Lions, and Hyena.
After a long time looking for Leopards in the Mara once again Bahati came on our aid, we are so lucky to meet her in mid morning and she walk just like her Mother, this the first time I have convince my self that Olive had been replace, I was so happy, It was very had to loose Olive and Saba had not been that close to most of her Mother territory but Bahati now fully in Control of the her Mothers Range, from Smelly Crossing to Talek River Junction so Sweet, Very best of Luck to you all my Friends, Jackson Looseyia,

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April Griffiths said...

so glad to hear the lions and leopards are doing well. hopefully in time you will get more cheetahs again, especially if they can raise 5 cubs :)
take care x