Thursday, 4 December 2014

Traneling overseas in the Era of Ebola

Dear Friends, I hand just return from the trave, USA first and then UK, How was It on my view ? I was busy in my office looking at the wildlife with guest and in small gaps when I am not busy, drive to Nairobi spending hours in the long ques applying for visa, Some time spending nights in Nairobi though I did not wish, tents will be my prefers nights spend listening at the hippo, lions, Hyena and Leopard calls, in the Morning the corus of different birds, act as my Allan clock waking all of us up, Before the days of my depature, Ebola was something I was thinking about it, first I will be in the europlain will I meet some with Ebola? I will be in Atlanta, and New York should I be worried ? This before I left the Mara, then next Q I am going to visit people I am from Africa will they Greet me ? In the offices where I will sell my safaris, how will the people revieve me ? As alway, I travel with my Maasai Shukas it's oviours I am from Africa will I be arrested by the US border security ? All if this Question run around my head and the press did not help especially in the USA, The Visas are now approve and I must go, it was a chilly morning in Narok but clear sky my wife got up at 5 am to prepare a cup of tea, my bag was pack and ready to go, by 6:00 taking Kenya (kienyeji) traditional tea the two young kids Pauline and Lorian came to hug and say good bye, Ann took my bag and put in the boot of her car, she drove on the dusty road of Lenana residential to a broken tormuck road heading to a Matatatu station BP as we call it in Narok town, she hug me good bye and she said save travel, I was missing her and the rest of the family, this is it the safari started, no more fear it's gone out side the door of my house where I hug my Kids and wife, We started soon after we all got our receipt after we had paid 500/- each our beaten up Matatatu headed to Nairobi and soon after 9:30 in the Morning we had arrive to the station, it was no traffic as such though we arrive at down town Nairobi, Then I thought a Taxi mm this will be stack on the traffic, but my mine tells me no Tuk tuk, I drag my bag full of couloful Shukas in the middle of Nairobi streets no fear what so ever, confident as I can be and proud like a MAASAI Worria, People give way, some time greet me in a worm Kenyan Greeting Jambo Maasai, soon I sow a motobike on the side of the road and I ask if he would taking to Wilson Airport, The young man ask his friend in another language how is with police they said it's ok your taking a Maasai no one will ask you, I had a little smile on my face why a Maasai? Off we went my Red Shuka colored the street as we squeeze in between Matatus, Lorry and many kind of cars on the road, We arrive to my destination and I paid the guy his money and he motor way desapering on the Langata high way towards the city center, Don't go away, wait for the next read on day one, Asanti Jackson, Looseyia,

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