Thursday, 4 December 2014

Next read on Day one

After the Tuk tuk had left I went to see Chris Flatt and the rest of the people at our Bush and Beyond Office, they are dress well for the office some with jackets and tie and smart dress for the ladies, this where all the booking and reassertion of 16 different camps and lodges, from Laikipia, Maasai Mara, chulu and riftvally, Chris said you have on and half hours before we go to Emakoko for Lunch and you will wait there to be taken to the airport, I run around the Conner to get Money,Dollars green in colors and I said good bye my Kenyan shilling note I will no longer need it for at list 3 weeks, We drove towards the Langata road enter into Nairobi natonal park it took us 15 mins from Wilson airport, sow a lot if wildlife, buffalo, zebra, Suni antelope, Elands, Kongoni, hippo, giraffe, impalas, this at 1 pm so much to see we were late for lunch, we had to apologize to Emma and Anton the Host and owners of Emakoko Lodge, My question is why do people avoid Nairobi National park while there is so much to see, lions, Black rhino, leopard are here in good numbers ? Luch at this place was fantastic cold be better, now iam relax with Anton taking me to see Scorpions and Snakes, I knew I will have some long flights from Nairobi to Manyapplis this will be at list 23 hours of travel, so I went a small walk about two hours looking onto some of the best views of Nairobi Park, in the distance I can see back Rino, Giraffe, bufalo but on the safe side no danger, I went to have a nice hot shower and re check my pass, ticket and money, (the big three)in travel, Fabulous dinner was serve and I was transferred to JKIA for my flight, it took us from Emakoko to the Airport 30 mins I was impress no trafic what so ever I would recommend this place for arrival and depatures and do spend one day to see Nairobi national park it's full of game, The Driver guide from Emakoko was fantastic and knowledgeable, he ask which air line and took me to the right taminal I did not have to think about any thing just present my paper work to the security offices, now the trave of seeing so many people begins here, Next coming soon, Jacksons Looseyia,

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Mike Attwood said...

Wonderful writing Jackson, can't wait for the next instalment.
Take care, Mike.