Saturday, 13 December 2014

Miami my last visit

Hi Friendsp, After this long days Roadshow for Bush and Beyond our heads are turn to head home, by the time we arrive Miami I can tell Liz was ready to see her family in Canada, Josh was ready to see some animals at Ekorien Mugie Third Lagerst man made dam in Kenya, and Ole was ready to see the free Gnu running around his back yard, Miami suprice me its a flat country I never thought about it, I picture this place to look like our Kenya coast but I was wrong, it's vast with space, long unconnected roads and made us to drive long distance to get from A to B, the weather was nice and hot slightly humid, we arrive on the 20/11/14 when most of the southern states are cold, this was a nice confotable weather for Africans, Things I could not get to understand about the people who live here is when we get to any rooms hotel, resturants, offices, they are all child and I am cold no matter what, We had our three last meetings and we are fortunate to visit a preserve forest which is protected by one of the local university, I so Trees which are familiar to my environment this include spiders and strangler Figs, acacia tress, just to give you an idea, the professor who show us around had done a lot of collection of plants in many country around the wold and he was proud with the rest of his team, I would imagine this place to be popular with wedding evens, and other important ceremonies, I sow some of the very expensive real state in Miami next to this tree park, and 200 meter a long the road you can see some poor guys here, may had migrate to this place the houses change and you can tell it's not well groom a few police walking around and some time with dogs, On our way to the hotel to say good by to Liz our guide we realize an empty space on setlite map and we ask her what is this empty space, Liz said this the famous Everglades of United State, I was over the moon wanted to get out of the car to have a look, In the hope to see the the two well known reptiles Aligator and Python, Florida have space for my next visit for sure and had no idea how the beach look like, must be fun to have coffee looking at the Atlantic Ocean, Soon we arrive at our hotel and Liz waited outside and I and Josh went to our rooms to get a few gifts and presented to our world guide, we hug and kiss her Goodbye and we are a little emotional, remember we are men we never show it in tears we swallow it to our throughts, Liz suggest we go to the largest shopping Mall in the area and we needed some few presents to take back home Kenya, she drop us at this largest mall in the world you need a car to take you from on place to another, from the hotel we thought it should take us one hour walk, I found what I needed and so Josh and we head back on root 11 meaning waking, after 1 hour we had miss the turn to the right road and headed to unknown place, 2 hours are gone still walking we my have covered 15 kilometers, soon after I ask josh if he have his phone? thankful to Iphone GPS, Few yes we are very lost our hotel is another 1 hour behind lest go back, track the African way a short cut, we walk for hours and I and Josh wish it was day time it's now 9 pm, we started our walk at 5:30 pm, The house we sow on lights on the side of the road are as big as the ones I sow at Beverly hill, but nice since there horses, cattle, and look like some place for a Maasai to live withought the big houses, this must be a reserve community with size of the Church we sow and house number of cars, I wanted to run in and give them my card for them to come on Safari, we could share a lot in common if they could brave to travel, Finally we are at the hotel real saw from the walk and we are glad we got lost, we had exise, we have seen some places, horses, and lots water, We said Kwaheri to each other and our bond was even better, lala salama see you at 9 am for break fast, Soon I will finalize my day to the Airport, Salaaams Jackson Looseyia,


Stan Calin said...

Have a safe trip back to Mara Mr. Jackson. can't wait to read your updates about our big cats sir!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what fascinating reading, thank you Jackson! Wishing you a safe trip back to the Mara. Here's hoping officials will be able to contain the Ebola virus very soon!