Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Weekend LA

Liz and Josh flew to different place while I spend 2 nights at LA, on my weekend I meet a lot of dogs, I had not seen so many, the lady I was styaing at her house Melinda Merjer is running a walking business for Dogs, this had given me the opportunity to see Beverly Hill houses, right inside which you will see normally from out side fence, some of this people have money the size of this homes are like state house I would imagine, I do not know for what? Show? Possible? And then we tour on the rest of Santa Monica the only place I have seen people walk, run, and bicycle, I was impress, when you are with a local then you get to know and see how this people live, eat, go to church, Jim etc, Since I had been sitting in the car for long I requested to go on walk and I was exited as much as the park of Dogs from wealthy families, The sky was different, the trees, and flowers came out all of a sudden I was in the real world, birds, bugs, other people walking there dogs and we stop to say hi just like in Africa, on our way back to the car, one of the dogs call skip run a cross the road on the the other side and we did not see it, it was a small dog hair on his face and possible 10 years old, he then run to a million dollar church compaund and all was ok, but this was one bad moment for my friend, some of this dogs are treated like kids even more spoil, Back at home our dogs stay outside and do not have beds, toys to play with, but on the western world dogs are kids to other people, My days are speeding up I am now ready to pack again to be at the airport as early as 5 am so the lady drove me to Lax airport and I was in the plain by 6 am ready to head to Antanta, we arrive at 1 pm this still in one country I do not understand the time different, and boad onto another plain after meeting up with Liz and Josh, then we arrive into paradise, St Simon Island, If there was a place I can live in the Sate this it, the forest was well looked after with old Man Beaded hanging on trees, traditional houses, small village market, lots Of canals, Alegatas, birds, fish, and a proud people, I took my Shukas to color the beach running for nearly a mile, this is the Atlantic Ocean, even though we had a meeting here it did not sound like business, we had friends, Ann and Emily Owen, and many more friends, we had fun and the two days went too quickly, I wish I had enough time to see this part of the world and I hope I will return to St Simons Island, We left early to catch our plain to Atlanta, the city I first came in 1997 when I was a young Moran now a wise elder of the Ndorobo Maasai, The people I had meet here have photos of my last trip 19 years ago it look streach to see my self and remember Phil Osborn the legend who send half of Atlanta to Kenya, I miss this southerners families who spoke slow and have double barrel Names, like Maryann, the offices we visited I had meet the people and I was slightly comfortable then A few other offices we visited in the big cities, Just a day here we streach to Bamingum Alabama, on the way I say the few words which are familiar, then it click when I read a book roots so much on this road was mention between Atlanta and Bamingum, this where Martin Lurther King spend some of his time when he said I have a dream, We had dinner then hotel getting ready for our final destination in the States Miami, Wait for the next advatures of Mr. Looseyia,

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