Thursday, 27 January 2011

Still on his trail

Now as you can see we are nearly four Killomiters from where we had left Mum and Notch II having a real agument,
Notch on the other had still behind Mohican very close by now our hearts still betting up as we do not know what will happen.

You see this animals sleeping you think this are most lazy animals on earth but in a day like this where thy had to run for kilometers then you realize they are not.

Poor thing look at frost of saliva coming out of his mouth so tired hopping this should be over by now but still not.
The boys from Notch side are just as fit amazing Notch was still keeping up with his sons as old as he is, not once he stop just a few times the boys can take over from him but still behind run all the way what a marathon of lions and great excitement.
Now Andy Rouse had finally arrive to see what whole action but never too late.
Great day great cats.

Live with JL

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