Saturday, 8 January 2011


Dear Friend,

The year ended just perfect I was with our characters most of the time before and after new year,
Lorian now had been conform to two little cubs female and male I spend most of the hot day trying to meet the little cubs but not yet lucky.

We had followed Lorian for a while and her only cub who was born two years ago at the same place was move to up river of Olkeju Rongai, though we just sow the little cub then Lorain and her went away until last year when she show up ( Lorian ) but not the older cub.

Still missing on our list are Kali, Binti, and Ayah,
We are sure they are some where in the large office.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

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Laikipia said...

It is so lovely to hear news of Lorian and her cubs. She is such a beautiful leopard.

I hope you will find Binti, Kali and Ayah somewhere in your office soon Jackson.

Asante sana for all these updates.