Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lets get our of here Now

The Mother and her son who had been together for along time now had to go different ways.
First Mohican is a little too old to be with his Mum now in this respect he need to move on for ever if possible so his Mother can start another family,
being a Mum boy his is spoil with Kills here and there take from one conner of the ridge to the other avoiding trouble.

Notch Son is now very close to them, Mohican must go now run and safe his life, he had some trouble he eat a lot he is thinking boy this meat is heavy I do not know what to do mum, as they run over his mother stay behind to try and take the pressure from Notch and his gang.

But they did not care about her they all wanted to push Mohican as far as possible if they catch Kill him.
Its the rule of wildeness by now my body is shaking esive I have taken a lot of alchol but its 8 am no way,
Our staff guides are now all hear the area is getting really exiting roaring from Notch and his gang now they have what they wanted all a long Mohican.

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