Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mohican and His mum

The young Lion had not relax and keep looking at that direction I could think the first roar was a warning to him that Notch and his gang are not far.

I can almost speak the lion language Mum we are in real trouble and I am off see you mum, he then left but walking you what teenagers are like a little cocky and arrogant.

Just cheching if I can out run you we can do it boys let go.
The Run started for a list 30 min all a long Rhino Ridge back across the plains.
Mohican Mum look at the Notch and his boys and said I had been through this before nothing new son but go wish you good luck,
Notch II
The gup started to close up on Mohican and Notch II the rest of the gang are just about to arrive too.
What a morning just before I take my morning breakfast fantastic.

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Laikipia said...

What a day you've had today Jackson with Notch and the gang.

Thanks so much for all these wonderful updates, I really enjoyed reading them all.

Sounds like another amazing day in your office.

Mpaka kesho