Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cheetah harassment Car

Duma Cubs last Month all are a live please do not panic where the other two are just around the conner.

Dear friends,

This is my year Dream and Vision, I had away postponed it for a long time since last year.
I am here to ask you all to Kindly fund raise two Cars for Cheetah Monitoring and stop the harassment from Cars.
The Mara had become very popular once again its not a bad thing great when people in the country could have jobs to feed there families but on the other had this poor animals will not have a chance to rest hunt on there owen without at list 6 to 10 cars following them.

Now over the last few years Cheetah had become less and less in the area as you can read from my other posts.
Now I had consulted the Park Warden about this and he said yes go a head ask to fund raise two Cars of Maruti type.
I would need your support to Raise 2,000,000/- Kenya Shillings for the two cars and 832,000/- for Dome tents made of Ripstop canvas as this will last some years if its look after the use of tents will be for patrolling the boundaries near the local group ranges, more and more pressure is coming in from the Cattle and we need to cooperate with our park Rangers.
This bring us to $35,400 Dollars this is what We need to achieve this year after that we try and do some other good work for Maasai mara Game reserve I ask your support right know.

How to cantact is the Same way we did to Miujisa who is now behind bars but better than taken by Hyenas or staff to death as we see Moyo her late Mum still say Asanti to all of you who help her.
Send to John Loveland at UK email, Paula help me a lot too.
She will work with me in UK and I will be contacting other people around the world like US, Australia, Germany and get the awareness going to safe our stars whom we all love.
Duma or Shingo trying to hunt but must be 28 cars all around her we left as we are so frustrated,
Your Kind respond will be highly appreciated by Duma, Honey boys, Narasha and her boys, Pendo, Shakira and her daughters and the list goes on.

Salaams from,

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up about this situation Jackson...I'll cross-post to some other forums. Cheetahs are just so beautiful, sorry they are getting 'harrassed'.


Shamba said...

I will do all I can to raise funds for the cheetahs, so sorry to hear they're being harrassed in this way.
They are so precious & need our help

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Friends,

I am so encourage by you all, I will be the first to dote,
My donation will $ 5,000 dollars which I will send to John Loveland,
Paula and John need to tell us when its going down at list all the member can see where they are going.

Thank you, all,

Kind regards,

PaulaS said...

Hi Jackson, well done for your contribution! I will add your name as the first person to donate! Have you donated half to each cause?

I will be getting the pages finished for the masaimarafunds webpage today with a donation button on each cause so that people can donate straight away.

The website address is

Every penny counts so any amount anyone can give to help these projects for Jackson would be brilliant!

Other ways to donate will be coming soon!

Kind regards,

Laikipia said...

Thanks for the update Jackson.

Will donate later today.


Anindya said...

Thanks Jackson for bringing this to our notice. We must do everything possible to protect this beautiful animals. Count on my support, will try my best.


Laikipia said...

Can you please let us know when the donation buttons are up and running.

Many thanks.

PaulaS said...

The Donation buttons have now been added!

Olivier Delaere said...

Hi Jackson. I remember when Shingo had her 6 tiny cubs, somewhere in Meta plains in august 2010. You had to leave Rekero camp during mid-day, and go and chase vehicles harrassing the poor mother.
Hi Paula; once again you are involved ! Thanks for our spotted friends !
Donation sent today ;-)

PaulaS said...

Hi Olivier,
Donation recieved with thanks!
Jackson will be so pleased to have your support!

Jackson Looseyia said...

To my dear friends,

Yes as Olivier said, I do not stay still when I am around this place, do things help where I can, Take our local rangers out on patrol when I am need to do so.
I had spend a lot of my own time trying to fight even when I am a honorary warden still had to on my own, The same case apply to our park rangers and the warden we need to start the fight well to make sure they get our whole help when ever they need it.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Just to let you know what We need;

1: 2 Maruti vehicles 1,000,000/- @ x2= 2,000,000/-
2: 8 Dome Tents 104,000/- @ x 8=832,000/-

Later I would ask the County to provide for a two Radios and it will be about 40,000/- @ x 2=80,000/-

In Dollars it will be as follow.

Vehicles it will be $ 25,000.
Tents it will be $ 10,400.
In Pounds it will be
15,384.61. Vehicles.
6,400 for the tents.

I hope this info will be useful.

Kind regards.

Jackson Looseyia.

Anonymous said...

With the new rise in park fees I can't help but wonder why the Narok County Council are not paying for this themselves.

To fundraise for what should already be paid for by 'conservation fees' only aids the corruption to continue.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Anonymous,

I do understand what your saying but if you look at every conservancy park all have friends all over the world,
The maasai mara is one place with so many complain on number of Cars on sighting why??
People who call them self as know of the wildlife protocol are the fist to when they see 20 or 30 cars around the cheetah but do nothing to stop.
I do not know if I will ever stop but I better try and stop than just sit and complain about the Government corruption I live here every day I love this place I have no where to go.

Please send your donation,

Thank you,


Olivier Delaere said...

Could not agree more Jackson. Talking about wildlife preservation, in Kenya and everywhere else on this planet, effective projects mostly come from N.G.O.
So a choice has to be made between :
Wasting time complaining to the authorities about the high park fees while big cats disappear
Support reliable N.G.O. which can act directly and efficiently on the field.

Anonymous : if Narok authorities were the only ones involved in wildlife preservation, there would be more cows than game in the eastern Mara

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Olivier,
Thank you for your support on the issue of park fees,
I had postpone this cheetah help for a long time you know about it,
Now its time we all get up little by little and do some thing about our place of glory.
I have not meet one man or woman who dislike the mara, everyone I have meet or guided love it so much to and an extend of crying.
Long live the mara,

We should not to infulence where we all know its not possible, I would suggest, if we do a good thing, then we can go the Government and say look our recode is good please if we do this or that I think it can work, but if we keep distance and start shouting at them we will never win any one on earth,
Maasai proverb say.

'' Memejou endap nemetii toki''

Means an No one will come and lick empty hands.
I wish I can translate this in english properly.

Good Day my friends I am off to see and meet up with our Characters in the Office.

Kind regards,

mararafiki said...


Have you tried approaching Land Rover to see if they will supply vehicles for this task? This is a prime promotional opportunity for them.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Rafiki,

I have not approach Land rover what a good idea.
Reason is two I do not know any one from Land rover and other is Maruti is cheaper to operate in the long run, full is cheap and spears I am sure could be cheaper than a bigger car.
At the Same time if the other people see some guys driving a bigger car they could want to use for other reasons in park and out side work operations but if its small and uncomfortable they will live it a lone haaa, its how I think but never the end of our conversation if you know any one please lets give a try.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...


Going on from mararafiki's idea. What about approaching the CMC Group for the Suzuki Maruitis that have an office in Nairobi. Here is their website link for contact details:

Maybe they could do a deal to purchase two, or sponsor one outright. If you dont ask you dont get.

Sheri Lynne said...

such good ideas - I just registered and donated. If everyone gives a little bit the funds will be raised in no time ... and the cheetahs will benefit.

PaulaS said...

Thanks Sheri! Donations recieved with thanks and I agree 100% !
If everyone gave a little it would really add up, Thanks to all who have done so already, its very much appreciated. Especially those who are going to benefit such as the cheetahs and lions etc!

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Sheri Lynne,

Thank you very much for your Donation its highly appreciated God bless you,
We are going forward every little one give move us close to the target.

Best regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Dom Blogt said...

Thank you Jackson for all this important information.
Your Blog is helpfull in Conservation efforts and awareness.
How can we help in posting info as well?.
Two nights ago i used the knowledge you passed to us about the night sky. My Quests were attonished.
Keep up Brother

Karen Blixen Camp

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