Saturday, 8 January 2011


Never the less for a while I did not see Clawed but just before the year ended I meet him,
I stragle to recognize the old boy he had lost his mane now and most of his teeth are gone poor thing,
however he was happy on a water buck kill, I think Romeo had made it.
This Old boy once rule the Marsh area and kick out the like of Notch and his sons.
You can still see the power in his eyes it doesn't matter how old one is we all know he was the once a powerful boy and we love him dearly.

He had father a lot of cubs in the marsh like this young boys below who are now on there owen away from the main pride,
just on the edge of it fighting for there food hyenas and stilling from the Ridge pride females.

When we meet up with this young males on a wildebeest Kill they put up on a show live, fighting them self how nice to see brothers having some argument in the dinning room,
We love every min of it.


Laikipia said...

I am glad to see that Clawed is still able to feed and look after himself. He and Romeo were such a magnificent pair.

Sheri Lynne said...

Thank you for all your updates, Jackson. I really look forward to reading the news about the area and hearing about old friends from the show. I'm curious to know about Cheza and Sala - any updates on them? I especially love updates on the Honey Boys 3 cheetah brothers. What beautiful cats! thank you, sheri

Anonymous said...

Oh Clawed looks like he is having a hard time. But you are right, he is still strong, such is the life of a lion...