Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Marsh Boys

Going to see the Rest of the marsh pride we meet up with this young boys fighting with Hyenas and ridge pride is looking on.
What I can see was the three females had made a kill then hyenas come in hundreds and push them out out no argument at all.

On the processes they started fighting among them self attracting the young boys from Marsh pride who are depended on hyenas any way at this stage we counted upto 80 hyenas but could not move this young males from the Marsh pride.

Laughing, wooping, running, marking would not move them.
Its another fantastic Morning, Jonny was with me and his family.


Jackson Looseyia.


Whitestarling said...

The Marsh Boys must be really powerful to see off that many Hyenas. Are there not that many prey animals around, if the Lions are depending on the Hyenas for food

Laikipia said...

What a great morning you must have had Jackson - some wonderful photos.


Leo209 said...

I love coming to this website and seeing the updates on the Prides. Thank you for keeping up such great work.

Pleaz Pleaz post more often, i love to see what goes on in the Mara.

Anonymous said...

I echo what Leo209 said above, this is wonderful. How grand to hear about Cheza and Sala. Animal Planet had a BCD marathon on last Thursday, and they started with footage of Kike...then onto Cheza and Sala. It was nice seeing the stars again. Poor Clawed does look a bit worn, but, his eyes are still clear and striking.

Thank you for sharing/and updating us! Happy New Year everyone...


Anonymous said...

We need to some how make a stand to get this series back on the air. People all over the world want this back on, why wont BBC listen?


Great reports Bwana Jackson. Asante sana. Still waiting for the day you will meet Olive's and Lorian's cubs again. I just missed news of the mom cheetah and her 6 cubs...


Anonymous said...

I've seen a couple of postings that the BBC doesn't have the budget for BCD, then another posting awhile back said they DO...then on YouTube, I read someone mentioning about the page of Facebook when 'they' ask viewers for their feedback, that they'd like to bring BCD back, etc, and then the poster said their viewpoint was possible filming later on this year/or early next year. In short, who the heck knows (smile). I think they are waiting to see how Disney's African Cats does this year...and MY viewpoint is if the BBC/Natural History Unit doesn't 'ride the coat-tails' w/the promotional stuff that's going to be done...there is something WRONG with them. (smile)

Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

A little snippet from Jonathan's forum:

..."Olso was great by the way – had a chance to work thorough the video capability on the Canon EOS 7D and 1DMk4 – we are so looking forward to incorporating some moving images in to our presentations in the future. The speaking engagements went well – lots of enthusiasm – Africa, India and Antarctica were the flavour of the month.

Ok – Just wanted to touch bases with you all. Sadly I’m getting the feeling that Big Cat Diary might just have been put to sleep for good. Just a hunch, but I think that the BBC may have too many other priorities right now – plus less money to play with. We will just have to figure out a way to keep you all engaged in a meaningful way with all those great big cat stories that are always just waiting to be recorded!"

I can only HOPE this isn't true. I guess we can bombard the BBC w/letters, emails, phone calls or whatever and tell them we want Big Cat Diary back. Why do a Facebook if you're going to end the series??! NOT nice from my standpoint.


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Anonymous said...

80 Hyenas,that would have been great video!