Saturday, 8 January 2011

The new Ridge pride

Like any tough muster on Safari we always got up very early and this is where we meet up with one of the males from the Ridge pride.
They had left there females and three cubs and found another three females just on the Dubble crossing area on Olkiombo Males territories.
The Three males from Olkiombo are busy near fig tree area making lost of cubs patrolling east where the pressure is high from OOC Males Sala and Cheza.
I tell you this office is full of fun, death, Sex and birth all happening as we watch, in the Maasai mara.

Now this young male must had run into Sala or Cheza way he was soo limping hardly work.
He will be ok though the rest of the females and cubs run to him to check if he was fine and he prove to them on big roar.

I am sure the guest in my car thought this just the way it is in the Office not knowing how lucky they were to see what they had seen in a very short time.

Never the less I loved every min of it and cant wait to go back soon.

What good begging of a new year,

Bless you all,

Jackson Looseyia.

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Laikipia said...

As you say Jackson what a fantastic start to the new year.

It's lovely to see so many lions in the Mara.