Thursday, 27 January 2011

Finally they went into the forest

Look at this Male the way he is pump up.

At long last the boy fanish into the forest at list he can run for ever but not see the power of Notch eyes coming after him,
Well done Mohican we hope you had made it though we do not know at list nothing happen to your body as we watch.
Notch stayed on the hot sit fighting, keeping young, interested, and kept the CEO hat Love this boy.

Have a good day too,


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

That was some day you had today Jackson !

Thanks for the updates, it was almost like being there.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I don't log onto the site due to company for a couple days and look at all the pictures I can view when I come back!!! Just stunning, thank you Jackson. I smile comes onto my face each time I see Notch, and how well he's doing too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson for sharing what must have been a rivetting day. Knowing that Notch is still going strong brings a smile to my face! Glad the the young lion escaped.

Leo209 said...

Great post, great post!!1 I love it when you post pictures like this. Thank you Jacksons. Please post more often, i love to see whats going on with the prides. I hope to visit africa one day and go on a safari.
What ever happened to "Solo"

Shamba said...

What an exciting day you had Jackson, I'm glad it ended well for all the boys.
What a Lion Notch is, he's still the boss!
Thank you so much for the updates, I do enjoy reading them

Sheri Lynne said...

I love Notch photos - I wonder how old he is? Such a beautiful cat and it is so great he is doing well as are his sons. thank you Jackson for photos!!