Thursday, 27 January 2011

Next min,

After I had position one car a cross the Talek river west of Rekero camp,
I run to get a cross but this time the boys are on the move.

Notch is keeping up with his son you can think if you do not know him oo this are brothers just with pase they are Moving on.

After Mins of each other Notch II he is so large and the crown is larger than his father, just look at him below,

Notch II

Now I am got even more exited my heart was bitting had my blood temperature went rocket high,
what a Moment I had with this magnificent male lions in the maasai mara
Live with Jackson Looseyia.


Mike Attwood said...

I am full of envy Jackson. I cannot find anything to photograph or excite me at the moment. wonderful sfuff.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are full of emotion, they are beautifully written, thank you Jackson.

Spiros said...

Jackson, it is wonderful to read about the Marsh Pride and it's great to see Notch jnr become such an impressive adult lion!!