Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mins after,

Notch and his sons on big push Run.

Now Notch the II had just over taking the run and Notch is still keeping on the race what a Morning.

Now I had to find who is this Male or female they are after then I went a head of them like a wise guide as always me in Action with Notch.

Wow I found another friend Mohican and his mother I would guess they had chase another female and hyenas on a Kill though they are every where a few guides had no Idea what is coming so I went and sat with Mohican and his mum, Now they are raoring every few mins which give Notch even more direction where they are.

Just Min after they had cross the Radio crack they are coming and I am right there waiting for the action men but did not want any one to be hurt.
Now a dot in the distance Notch is arriving.
I then hold my heart and pray for Mohican and his mum please God Keep him Save from Notch sons if they catch him they will Kill him and he is just a sweet looking boy.


Ann said...

Please let us know the outcome of the meeting, good or bad. hopefully good!

Jose Edmundo said...

OH MY GOD......