Thursday, 27 January 2011

Notch on the Mission

Dear all,
I had Notch and his sons this morning and the roar was not normal, got up quick got my binocs and camera.
Head to the Rekero Crossing onto Pose, the world had come to a stan still Notch and his sons are on Mission a fight,
I watch there behavior as a guide I knew some thing is happening.
Next one to Pear is Papa Notch following his son heal to heal.
I can tell strait away they are going to cause some trouble up there.
Its time to listen like them they stop and listen I do the same, over to wards Rhino Ridge I can hear hyenas and some lions roaring did not know how they were just a sound.
I call on the radio to Andy Rouse guide and our guides as well guys come over this could be action today.
I reach on one guide on the Radio he came to help me follow this mighty males of Notch and Bibi.

Fantastic morning already I talk to my self.

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