Monday, 24 January 2011

On Rhino ridge

Dear Friends,

Day before we found this wonderful female leopard on Top of the ridge nearly got into trouble with Olkiombo Males.
She then got away safely thank God for it.
After words we thought of giving her a Name because she is in the most great location to follow.

Three Names so far had been propose SIRI, LEILA, AND EMARTI,

Please feel free to put your thought before the end of the day.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.


Mike Attwood said...

Hi Jackson, Could I suggest LEONE as a name for the leopard.

Hemi said...

I like name SIRI.....

Laikipia said...

Already voted under your FB page Jackson.

I like Siri as it means secret or mystery in kiswahili which seems good for an elusive leopard.


Anonymous said...

I like the name Leila for her !

Anonymous said...

I think Dirk is a good name.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Not Dirk i mean siri.

Whitestarling said...

I was thinking of Malkia meaning Queen, but I think Siri is a better name for a Leopard, so I'm voting Siri

Anonymous said...

Siri sounds like a beautiful name for her.

becki-c said...

I like Siri too, it sounds tough and smart which she apparently is.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear friends,

Thank you for your vote Siri is the Name,

Thank you,

for your time,

Jackson Looseyia

Jackson Looseyia said...

Following animals without Names is had but once we had known them every day it make sense to give them names after all this is where we work every day morning and evenings year after year why not give them names so we know them better like friends.
Its our life, friends, and work

Love my Job

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, any name is fine with me!

Thank you Jackson,


Laikipia said...

Great news that she is now called Siri Jackson. It's lovely to have names for all the big cats as it makes it so much easier to get to know them.

Asante sana.

Anonymous said...

Siri please! Lovely.

Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak said...

I like name SIRI and thanks for this uptade.
Best regards Uwe.

Mara Fan said...

hi jackson,
I had voted in FB by SIRI.
I like this name and I say thanks for your update.

Anonymous said...

I like Siri