Tuesday, 25 August 2009

the last day

This is our last day on Safari,
At the end of our evening we spend a good time with Honey boys,
This boys as you all now are the strongest in the mara they try to hunt once again they miss it though we blame one of the safari cars getting too close to then when they mean business.
It was a lovely evening the light coundt be better and we said kwaheri to our them at list for this wanderful safari.
At this point I m getting restless I have not seen the rest of 3 graces where is one of them?
You remember one of you ask if we have lost one them and I said to wait.
We got up early as we always do when you with J haaaa it's punishment.
Then the fist one we meet was one of the graces mating with romeo and then we found two of the other females with a little cub and two bigger cubs these was the best news for me. I wanted know all of them are here sure they are with us very  healthy.
Now we are pushing time for our breakfast and the flight time is now about.

We got so well with my friends O'Niell family, I wish them well on there travel to Kenya, and went back to Our Camp Rekero on the back of the talek river.
It was a safari of a life time.
Best regards to you all 
Until nest time 

Jackson Looseyia.


Carol said...

Oh safari cool and you met with two cubs that's really cute and it was your last day so full excitement rite??
You cannot go wrong on the best security systems

dianelionlover said...

So Jackson are u saying that all three Graces are alive and well?

I hope so.

Diane Miller
Naples, Floida

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Dianelionlover,
Yes the 3 graces are all a live no worry at all in-fact very strong indeed.


Jackson Looseyia

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
so glad to hear that the 3 graces are all well. great to hear that Honey's boys are still doing well.
did you find out who the female cheetah was?
take care
Apesey xx

Anonymous said...

Jackson why are safari cars allowed to get so close that the interfere with the cheetahs hunt. Surely its hard enough for them to feed themselves without having to contend with people interfering?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson!

I have a thought and a Question about Kiki (Jon Scott's Cheetah), a friend of mine thinks that maybe the reason why she used his truck as a portable bathroom so much was because she was marking it. I know it sounds stupid to think but after watching Kiki do it over and over again on BCD, I have to wonder.

I am also glad to hear that Honey's boys are doing good, how about Bella and her cubs, and also Sala and the Ridge Pride and also the Marsh Pride, and Kiki's cubs how are they doing.

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Thank for another great update. So pleased to hear the 3 Graces are doing well and Honeys boys are taking over the Mara!

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson! Thanks for an update reassuring us that the graces are all well and healthy, and I love the picture with the older cubs and a younger one!! They look very chunky and healthy too from the picture :) Sad to hear that the jeep got too close while the honeys boys were hunting, the drivers should really respect the boundaries, as being interfered on a hunt could set them back and they could go hungry if they are not successful in their next hunt. I do hope they have learned that they were possibly too close and learn to stay at a respectable distance away. what a great safari Jackson, you have given the guests a time they will never forget, and they have seen so much in their stay at Rekero, which I imagine they are over the moon with x
Take care,
p.s: I had a querie about honeys 1st set of 3 cubs (not honeys boys) does anyone know what happened to them?
Bye for now x

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

It's been ages since my last comment.

I have been very busy and have just caught up with your entries over the past few months (has it really been that long?).
Very interesting read and, apparently, a lot has happened.

I will be in the Mara from 3 Sept (among others staying 3 nights at Rekero) so I will see you as well.

See you!

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Paula, I just noticed your comment on Honey's first set of 3 cubs (featured on Big Cat Diary 2002).

I caught up with Honey and her two remaining cubs (she apparently lost one in the meantime) in August 2003. At that time she lived in the Mara Triangle and the 2 cubs were still with her.

I have some fond memories of Honey.


Anonymous said...

to danielle:

your idea is stupid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Xavier for the update on Honey's three first cubs. I to have a great fondness of Honey.

Anonymous said...

Well it is nice to know that the Honey boys are still with you Jackson. And with all of us.

Anonymous said...

BigCat Fanz I am glad i wasn't the only one who was wondering about her first litter. And at least Xavier gave us a little bit of a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Allana. And what about Itchy Kike's girl who had cubs.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
A relief to know all the graces are well and that Honeys boys continue to rule.
Great safari you gave us all to read Jackson, Thank You.

Annie Mai said...

dear Jackson how's Shakira's family doing?

Anonymous said...

I have heard it say on GMTV that there is to be another Big Cat this year

Anonymous said...

re big cat this year:
kate silverton has just finished doing BBC Breakfast and said thursday she was off to do some foreign correspondense so maybe, hope so anyway!!
Apesey x

David O'Neill said...

Sorry to disappoint -- but I'm afraid the news is No Big Cat in 2009. We were with Jackson at Rekero for a week early August ( and what a fabulous experience that was !! just try to imagine how good he is and then keep trying harder, you still won't get there. ) --- we asked him the very question -- but he confirmed that there would be no Big Cat Diary -- or Live -- this year for a number of reasons. Everybody involved is now committed to other things. By the way he said that Kate was fantastic and helped him a lot, Simon and John are old friends and let him be himself

Sorry to bear the bad news

Bye the way Danielle -- your friend was not far wrong. Cheetahs like to go high - usually termite mound -- so they can have a good look round for game, especially when grass is highish. And most animals like to mark their territory so why not?


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Annie Mai,
The Shakira family are all well I have seen them yesterday still together.


Kevin Staker said...


Thanks for posting this report on Honey's Boys. We saw them when we visited the Mara in 2006. Reports like yours have been pretty miraculous in allowing me half way around the world to keep up with how they are doing.


Kevin from California

lin said...