Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day five

Soon after brakefast we are pack to go,
On the way we meet briefly the three brothers Honey boys as always meeting this boys is fub.
This was just a tranfer to Ilmuran from Rekero camp and we must keep going, we will come back later.
As we arrive all I wanted to see was Red, Bibi, Lisbey, and White eye.
We spend our afternoon with marsh pride as they play in a rainy day however its was the best time so far day one of Ilmuran.

We so elephants buffaloes, Hippo and many birds all in the marsh.
Sleep well you all see you at 6 am.


BigCatFanz said...

I bet the guests really enjoyed all they saw - With honeys boys, then the marsh pride girls and the other wildlife such as the elephants and the colourful birds, They had a great day I'm sure with good pictures too :)That was nice for you all to cool off, and the animals enjoyed the rain too I bet.
Thanks for another updates on the adventures with Jackson! haahaa

CheetahzOwn said...

Hi Jackon, I watched a animal programme the ova dai, nd it said dat in the earli 1900's, poachers killed many Lions, Cheetahs nd Leopards, but not many Hyenas so now dat area has more Hyenas in den any of the big cats so its even harder for dem 2 servive, is ur office over populated wit Hyena's?

CheetahzOwn said...


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
It sounds like another packed day with lots of wonderful sightings and great to see Honeys boys.
I bet the Marsh pride loved playing in the cooling rain and I imagine your office smelt beautiful after the rain - theres always something about the air when it has just rained, its so fresh and everything comes alive.
Another lovely update, look forward to the next.

Anonymous said...

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Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear CheetahzOwn,
The hunted animals in that time as you are lions leopards, and cheetah in the cats family Hyena was not regarded as trophy animals. They are left a lone not hunted but when hunting was stop in some areas the hyenas did not expand at all.
We have the natural balance in the wild nothing is too much as people believe.
being elephants, leopards, cayodis, wild dogs, foxes, a long the lines.
Its due to our way of thinking that we have kill or cal animals to fit our way of life.
I hope I have answered you.

Jackson Looseyia.