Friday, 7 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

The lead female of the paradise pride now notch.

At this stage every one is well rested, relax and having one too many bears around the camp fire.
I am stack with my rule of getting up in the morning no time wested while I m guiding haa.
We are getting up at 5:45 mmmm some of them said I m sleeping and the old man and his wife said we are coming few at list I have company in the morning to go our cant wait to be honest to be out and see what is happening in my office.
The morning started relatively Quirt but never boring in my office,
We found fist two boys young lions who look like they are on a mission sure they a I would call this males, Glowed and Romoe nightmare not far from the mash if any of the nomadic male are take over the mash pride it would be this boys first before Notch and his team.
Mins after we so yet another lioness with his young boy on a wildebeest Kill this is a good morning its get better, My aim this morning is to see any of notch boys or notch himself but Looked very where no luck.
Its getting hot again drink planty of water folks and 
I push my way home before lunch.
In the afternoon some of the guest had wetness a crossing and I m out of here before 4 to look out area one of my feverate place in the mara.
Thousands of wildebeest cross towards the mara conservancy crazy holiday makes with all different type of cameras it was crazy but to in a bad way.
As we look around we experience our fist interruptions a small pride get in and nearly kill the one of the gnus that fantastic as she work pass the car with her cub about 9 months old.
The day is over see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Jackson!!
great news about the lions and Binti and Shakira. how dare those people say you aren't a very good guide - they're obviously don't read this!!!
fantastic photos as usual.
wonder where Kali is hiding? i am sure you will find him soon.
Take care
Love Apesey xxx

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
I'd definiatly be up and ready at 5.45, your office sure is never boring, i'm not sure i'd even get to sleep i'd be so excited.
shame you didn't catch up with Notch but it still sounds like an exciting day in the office.
Loving this safari.