Friday, 7 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.


We then made our next plan before we arrive to camp, may I get your attetion please? the family look at me while the enjoy there last drink guesing at the sun set.
Tomorrow we are not going any far we are looking for the j5, we are getting up at 5:45 no one had a choice though they are on holiday its very exiting for all of us to drive a round looking at the most beiutiful animals in the planet.
Our mind are still way out there with Shakira and the girls while happen the day they go seperat ways, mean the one qustion after the other this is now 6: 15 then I had a radio call from old James Looseyia I have her in the open,  I look around looking for Kali and his mum Olive, 
I will there in a min then another call she had left your too late the hyenas and Jackals had chase her away and she had run to those bushes in the river back she must be there. 
I look for most of the morning but no luck all of my guest are say what bad guide I was the pressure was mounting.
We then went on and we meet up with two members of the ridge pride a mum with her cub on a buffalo kill but this time it was not news our plan was leopards. we went back again and again then I said we must go for lunch one group was very happy and yet the father and the mother who love the animals have not seen binti I was under pressure but I know I will deliver.

After lunch the staff said to me we have seen a leopard walk in front of the mess and she must have gone to those trees over there.
I jump in to my toyota landcruiser and there she was I took a lot of pictures for my refurence and sat there for over one hour on my own just talking to each other spiritualy I love each time I spend with this beutiful animals I keep saying to my self I am really bless to here a lone with Binti.
I hurry every one for tea and off we went and she was just at the same place i left her the sun was strong and every in the car could fill the pinch of the African sun.
Time went very fist and sun was droping, binti walk in to the banks of the Talek river and I said to all of my friends in the car we must live her this is a solitary cut.
What next Jackson one of the members of the family ask, we then drove a mins and I new where the ridge pride was and this where I m heading guest so wait while look at other animals on our way to matanety where these cubs were born.
Once again we meet yet more carectors who have been on the world screan the ride pride.
9 members today this pride is having a lot of troble from normadic males and notch boys every now and then they disappear for our area either to the mara conservancy or to burungat plains they are all over the place.
That was a wonderful day.
wait for the nest day I said to them.


BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson!! WOW so much going on! I really enjoyed the read!We can tell you love doing what you do, by the way you write your blog, we can feel your excitement, its wonderful! On the bit about your guests saying what a bad guide you are, I can confidently say that for you to be able to track leopards on a regular basis, how can you be a bad guide? Thats brilliant tracking, and all the other animals you spot and your knowledge, Its what I would call a fantastic guide. When you go on a safari, the wildlife is not on a time schedule, sometimes these beautiful creatures will be where you look, sometimes not. A good guide can still sometimes not find what they are looking for, as these animals will not always be where you think they will, they can go where they please :) Its just the way the wilderness is, I like the fact that its all undpredictable, as its exciting to think of what you might see next!
I am sure they were just disappointed as they longed to see her, but I'm glad she made everyones day when they got to see her, shes stunning x

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Lovely pictures of Binti. The ellusive leopard, trust them to live up to their character when you are trying to find them under pressure.
Dear old Notch's boys hassling the pride, how is Notch doing?
You sound like your having a ball on safari.

Anonymous said...

Hi BigCatFanz
Couldn't agree with you more. We've been on Safari many many times and had the fantastic fortune to be with Jackson at Rekero for the last two years.Last year whilst watching Olive up a tree he actually HEARD a leopard kill and drove us at breakneck speed 50 metres to the site. He is absolutely amazing and we love him together with his wonderful sense of humour and know he loves being teased -- especially by those who hold him in the highest regard. If it were not for one reason only then I would tell those bad guests to sort themselves out -- but, in fact, WE were those "bad" guests, had a fantastic time -- and he knows that!! Don't you Jackson. On a scale of 1 to 10 he gets a 12. See you next year.