Thursday, 6 August 2009

A week on Safari With J Looseyia.


Dear All ,
This is how it went,
My Friend Dr. arrive to our camp from another camp in the mara at about 12 pm we meet them and show the tents and before lunch he said to me I m coming up for a drink Jackson up in the mess, I said sure I will be there waiting.
A few min he arrive the puffing like he have been running but that was the case he was very exited to be with me for a whole week.
I said Dr. O'Neill, before we go and have the best of rekero Salads please let us make a plan.
First what have you seen in the last camp as far as cats are concern?, He look at me and said '' Nothing not one cat " I smile a little now I know I really have pressure here but I know where to and where to find them.
We are living camp at Three get every one ready, lunch was great every enjoy the company of each other as always is the rekero atmosphere.
After we have finish arranging drinks with James the second Guide with me, with me guiding this group I had yet another meeting with them, guys we are going to see shakira first because she is heading toward the border.
The light was great we look around the savanna searching for the mama shakira and the girls, after we had cross the rongai river I look under the a gardenia tree. I said there she is very exited call on the radio for our second car she is here, we went in slowly to meet our fist cat in the mara and not just a cat but a friend and champion that every human will pay respect.
I look at the girls and how big there now and in fact they eat every thing shakira was looking hungry still one tomy is not enough for them now she need to be killing at list two animals in one day if she need to eat as well.
The evening light was just perfect my guest could not believe how big the girls have grown from seen them on tv during big cat about a year now to this present day every was nearly in teas of joy.
We spend the whole after noon just with shakira and the girls a lot while we had drink in between.
Every min was precious as you can imagine the love I have for this little family, Shakira will live the cubs very soon its just a matter of time before they go different ways, this will be the great news for all of us who live here in the maasai mara to wetness a success story and a dream come true.
After we had finish our sundowners we headed home while the every one including me were very happy indeed.

Wait for day two.



BigCatFanz said...

What a treat for your friend to see Shakira after not seeing a big cat previously at the other camp, especially shakira and the girls. What a privelage! It will be a sad but exciting day when shakira and her daughters go their seperate ways - Plenty of tissues in the Jeep on standby Jackson! hehe..
Shakira has been such a great Mum, she should be so pround. She is an animal of loyalty, bravery,strength, passion,love all rolled into one, what a mum! Those cubs are lucky to have a mum like her x
Can't wait for day 2!

CheetahzOwn said...

Also wen she does leave her cubs, it will b gd cuz hopefully she will b able 2 ave more cubs nd b successful agen.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Sounds like a very special first day, no better cat for your friend to see than Shakira and of course Moja, Mbili & Tatu, I think I would have had tears in my eyes too. It surely will be a sad day when they all go their seperate ways but as you say, also one of great success, Shakirah's done a fantastic job and the girls have the best role model, I look forward to following their lives with you.