Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Olive and Cubs

We can now say she has new cubs after long time waiting to see a photo from any one.
All good news for the mara.
What a happy day in the office.

Jackson Looseyia.


Daniel said...

Wow this is great news and has made my day.Do you know how many cubs there are or is there only one?

Joy said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the pix. Looking forward to more news & hopefully more pix :D
And thanks for the safari; really really want to go on one now!!!

jaynie said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. I am visiting the Mara in October and hope to see other such fabulous sights!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous news that Olive has cubs - a lovely picture too!
definately a happy day in the office Jackson!!
Take care
Apesey xx

BigCat_luvr1 said...

Do you know how many cubs Olive has? And is Bella dead?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Olive with another cub.

Laikipia said...

That is just the best news ever - asante sana Jackson

littlewid said...

Wonderful news Jackson and what a gorgeous picture.
Your office is simply the best. look forward to more news on olive and her cub.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Daniel,
So far we have seen two and I think that is it.
know we have lost Kali he must be sent off by Olive.



Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear BigCat Luvrl
We have seen two cubs with olive just starting to come out to play.
Bella died a few months ago.



Anonymous said...

Boy Jackson you know how to make people feel bad. With the news of Bella. May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that Bella is dead

With two cubs and Kali and Bella no longer a part of the family, the jackson five is back

Anonymous said...

If everyone on this blog would read this and help in the Mara Triangle.

Anonymous said...

Jackson I found a nice site for you. I didn't know that the ccf has a site on you tube for cheetahs. Maybe you would like to take a look.

Jenny said...

How wonderful to see her little cub, I wonder if she had more than one, great news though!

Michelle said...

Hello. Im a 'newbie'. I've been watching for only 4 months and I've become VERY ADDICTIVE to the show and the Cats. Can someone please fill me in on whats happeneed to Bella! =( Also, when you are going to have new shows.
thank you.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Michelle,
Well come to wildlife world.
First Bella died a few months ago old edge but no one had seen what really happen.
Second we do not know when the BBC will come back to kenya and film the Big cats will wait to hear from them.

Jackson Looseyia.

Nabeel said...

Hi Jackson, really appreciate your work. Could you please update us on honey's 3 boys? Last I read they were doing well. Hope they are all alive and well.

safari maiden said...

Thats fantastic news, Olive with her next generation.

Happy days!

selin said...

Dear Jackson,

After Bella died do you know who inheirted her land? Was it Chui?
How is Chui doing? I really want to know. Also im very happy that Honeys boys are doing so well i really loved Honey it was hard for me to take when i found out she died. Please put more information about Honeys boys