Wednesday, 12 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Bibi made a kill.

After we have made plants before we bed time, Sat around the camp fire listening the marsh pride roar,
During the night which was a bit cold for me I can read the sound of elephants baboons, leopards,and the old hippo.
I got up early while our night Askari was waiting to escort me back to the opend land rover.
Every one was there on time Lets do it guys, the mash pride I said to the drive Simon and John.

Yesterday I meet Notch and I though in my mind there is no way I can better that morning but it gett better.
We meet up with mash pride on the open grassland near the musiara gate walking and I said to our guest they may be hunting.
A few min of clicks from the Nikon SLR we realize the pride is for sure hunting, Lets get out of the way everyone but some of the drivers from other safari camps are really annoying haaaaa.
Never the less the pride went after a small group of wildebeest this again was a magical moment with the Marsh pride.
The cubs as always spoilt the hunt Red nearly made a kill that was fantastic as the wildebeest run away from Red and Lisbey.
A quick count where is Bibi I said to Simon? where is she, I ask him to drive away to look for her and he was not ready but I push had look for Bibi.
A moment then I look around, there she is I jump up with excitement look look,
Now some of the cars are with rest taking photo and we are with bibi on a real hunt.
She goes, moving in , I then I shouted go go and she made a kill wou that is fantastic.
If your there you would though I was mad as I commentated as if I was talking on camera.
Well done bibi.
I don't know how the rest of the pride sow but one by one they arrive into the kill fairly quickly led by a young cub which I will predict to be the next lead female of the marsh pride very active,
and then Last to arrive was White eye the grandma bless her.

Bibi proudly look everyone is together after the kill.

This was the high light of may stay and guiding so far in this trip phenomenal.
Wait for the next few min after the main marsh pride.

Salaams Jackson


BigCatFanz said...

Wow Bibi did well! She has fed the family and you can tell she is pleased with herself by the photo of them all "sitting a dinner" to eat, She has done her family proud! Red took a backseat on this hunt then haahaa. What an experience to see them on the hunt, it must have been very special for you and the guests!
Can't wait to see your next update on whar you saw next!
Bye for now!

Mama Duma said...

Your safari gets better and better! It must be so wonderful to listen to the sounds of night and the Marsh pride roaring. Good on Bibi - looks like she's saying "breakfast is served...!". Lovely to hear about her and Red and White Eye - I'll really miss watching then on Big Cat this year. Looking forward to your next news, Love MD x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

great to hear news of the Marsh pride - i see nothing changes with the cubs trying to spoil the hunt!! it must have been pretty special if it your highlight Jackson!
can't wait for the next update!!
Apesey xx

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Just brilliant, well done Bibi, unlike red not to be the main feeder of the pride. I think I would have been whooping too if I had been there jackson, what an experience and I would have loved to hear your commentary. Dear old White Eye, love that lioness.
It will be interesting now to see if the little female cub does become the next main lioness of the pride, you will have to keep us updated Jackson.
Great pictures and lovely to hear about the marsh pride, can't wait for the next update.

Hi Julie
Glad you found jacksons blog, it's always a brilliant read.
If you want to catch up on more big cats and the animals of the Africa and conservation check out its a site set up after the end of Big Cat Live for like minded people. You will find the masaimarafund site where at the moment our main focus has been on raising money for an orphaned cheetah cub called Miujiza, her story is there for you to read. You'll also be able to catch up with some great people who will offer you a warm welcome. I'm sure jackson won't mind me saying but he has had a huge involvement with Miujiza along with the members of the site.
Maybe catch you on site sometime.

Kara said...

I wish Simon and Jonathan would do some more Big Cat Diary! I religiously watch reruns on APL! Bibi is a spectacular huntress!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Bibis cubs? The two she had in a earlier series of Big cat Diary?

David O'Neill said...

HI Jackson -- I was there and I can all of you reading this that he was fantastic -- so was Bibi. We saw the attempted kill which was very exciting -when the attempt failed everyone ( except Jackson ) went off the boil a bit and were prepared to wait a for the pride to gather themselves for their next attempt. Jackson was having none of this -- I know 'cos I was in the Landrover with him -- "Wait" he said "Where's BiBi"? "Look Look There she is -- wow" and it was wonderful. Four of my family witnessed the hit -- in fact my son Max got a great shot of the actual moment ( I was blindsided for the camera, but at these moments the best hard drive is in your head. That was the first actual kill I have seen in well over 25 safaris and it was all down to Jackson. What a great great guide. Love the guy
See you soon Jackson

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