Saturday, 8 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Now you This is Notch.
As I write this page I can feel the fire of love and excitement from our experience we had with Notch.
We battle to get where he was going and waited a bit before he come runing with a female and one of his sons,
Go girl go but look at the male lion you ar
e runing away from it could be the next father of your cubs as said loudly esive the lions can hear me.
His son came soon after that and we had a show from Notch and his boy lovely.
Soon not was not able to get his prize but not for long I m sure in the next few days she will be keen to have this majestic lion to father she cubs and sure enough she was mating yesterday.

The rest of the family were very disappointed that they don't go on a game drive with the mother however good on her she dissever to see everything the office can offer.

Thank Notch for such a show we see soon.

Salaams Jackson 


BigCatFanz said...

Love the top shot of Notch, Just goes to show how handsome he is! A force to be reckoned with! Notch will have to wait for another time to get his prize!haahaa.. His son is looking very well indeed! His boys are definately carrying his good looking gene haha! I'm sure they are going to do well with the ladies when the time comes, Just as notch has done!! What a dad!
I can't get enough of these updates, I love reading them!
Bye for now,

littlewid said...

Janbo Jackson
Poor Notch, fancy a lady running away, he's just the lion to be the father of her cubs. Do you know who the lioness is jackson?
The photo's are stunning Jackson, Notch looks so well which is wonderful and his son sure does have his dads good looks.
Your office is just superb.

Mama Duma said...

Thank you Jackson for sharing your week on safari with us and taking the time to post all your blogs and photos. Am looking forward to your next update!
Asante sana MD x

Julie said...

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