Friday, 14 August 2009

Which Girl is this.

Soon after Brakfast we went on a short drive.

We sow this Mama Cheetah but I dont know her any one have a picture or remeber meeting her??.

Looking forward to hear from you all.


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Mmmmmmmm - no I wish i knew who it is. She looks very beautiful.

I hope you find out Jackson and can let us know.

Anonymous said...

pity it can't be Kike

what about her female cub Itchy or Itchy's sister

Jackson Looseyia said...

I m asking those who have been on safari to look at there picture and compere the face marking.
I have seen her before but I dont know her very well.


Zizou said...

In reply 2 the ova post: Thx Jackson, i new dat Hyena's weren't " trophys" nd therefore didn't get killed, i'm glad dat ur area isn't over populated den, i was just askin the question cuz cnt remeber wot the programme was, but cuz der were so little lions in the area even they were scared of the Hyenas, cuz the clans were so massive... wish ur office nd everywere in africa was overpopulated wit the big cats..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful to see such a fine looking female. Does she have cubs. I was wondering Jackson if you can give me some updates I have been thinking about for awhile. It concerns past big cat characters. What ever happened to Solo the male lion. And I am very curious to know what ever happened to Honey's 3 cubs that where first seen with her in 2002. I know they questions are a little hard to answer. But I am just curious. And what about Safi. If you don't know anything that is ok. I was just curious. Thanks Donnie P.S. Did the female cheetah that was pregnant ever have her cubs. If so I would like to know how they are doing.

jackaranda said...

Such a lovely photograph of a great looking cat !

David O'Neill said...

Hi Jackson

I think I've seen her before over in the Sand River area last year and maybe the year before. She may be the one who only had a single cub left in Sept 2007 when we were with camping down by the Sand River with Douglas Owino

I'll have a look at my Cheetah photos for the last two years and if I find a match like we did in Rekero I'll let you know.

All best wishes from everyone


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear David,
Nice you have found the Blog, I have been so busy lately.
I m sure if you have seen this cheetah you will be able to Id.
Please let us know and may be can come up with a name for her.
Salaams to you all,
Jackson Looseyia

Carol said...

What was it doing alone where were it's cubs??
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Denise said...

Hello Jackson,

She looks like one of KiKe's offspring.



Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,
Kike have died long time ago she would be an old cat if she is still with us let her rest in peace.