Saturday, 8 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Bwana Kali.

The nest hour was just great every one was nearly in teas as Kali walk pass my land-cruiser the moment was unforgettable.
Like meeting with a friend I look at Kali large eyes like which look like an african model.
I look around to see what every one was doing but all were clicking there new Nikon cameras and the best binocs they can find.
I bless them when the Father was started to cry with happiness I now know I m not a mid guide to them I had move to there best guide they have ever had in africa.
Well done Kali you have safe my day dear I said with silence in my heart very emotionally.
This is Kali every one do you remember him ? 
Yes we do, in big cat live we remember a young leopard playing with a hare'' and I said this is the one,he had grown so large for just a few months near a year since we had Big Cat?
I hope the BBC come back again and show Kali and his mum in the talek river.
Kali is now close more to Binti than mama Olive, I had Olive have a little cub which I have not seen yet, I cant wait to see her mum and if she have a little cub what will happen to Kali, ? will he stay a lone now or still stay near home? will he be in-depended from olive or olive will look after him like she did with Binti and Ayah? I had so many Q but I will get the A soon.

Now Kali stared to walk away toward our camp we love every min with him and it was a good ending for my friend guest.
We have one more drive tomorrow before we go to the next camp any one want to gut up and go for a drive I offer?
Yes two of them said"
Sawa 6:15 departure ok.

See you at 6:15
Lala salama

Jackson Looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Oh I think I should have viewed this last, as it was your last update, so It was Kali!! That was still unexpected, as I didn't think that this update was the ID of that leopard in the bush, but I've just read it says an hour later! haahaa.
WOW how special, He's grown so much and I also wonder what will happen to him now that Olive is a mum again? Please tell us the answers to your own questions here when you know! :) Thanks for another great update, what a great day!
Take care,

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson, the Number One Guide! Wow,what a wonderful safari you are giving your guests. They will leave with very special memories to treasure. It must warm your heart to see the father's tears of joy! Thanks for the updates and the beautiful photos - I so wish I could be there too!
Love MD x

Anonymous said...

I hope you do see Olive's cubs and i have a request

When you do see the cub(s), it is possible for a picture to of the cub(s) to be put on here

How will Olive react with the other cubs around in terms of Ayah and Binti

Anonymous said...

I heard that the BBC's Big Cat Diary will not be coming back to the Mara this year. Jackson can you confirm?

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have not had from the BBC if they are doing any filming this year.
Whenever we here any news will let you know.

Best regards


Hazel said...

Well - I was one of that family just last week and seeing Kali just stroll leisurely in front of us (almost as if he was showing off) was the most magical experience. Jackson, you were a wonderful guide and an amazing person to be around. Thank you so so much for everything

Love - Hazel xxx

Anonymous said...

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