Saturday, 8 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

A lion in the distance.

It was not long 6:15 was there but only one person show up and it was the lucky one to share this wanderfull office with me.At night I couldnt sleep well now its my 5th day in the office Notch is no where to be seen?
We head off with very little to say my mind was notch and his boys where they!!,
Coming over to low hill we look around there he come a lion look our spotter then said I can see a large male, ''Dickson have you ever seen Notch'' ''No'' he reply.
The lion was coming toward us so we stayed still for some time waiting.
As he came closer we the excitement get more I look with my best binoc as with a hope this might a lion I know.
Then as he came pass the car gues who he was  haaaaaaa.

We have found him at last but what is he doing here its a long way from the main crossing area.
He didn't care we are there the king had a mission we followed humbly through the great mara savanna.
He is gone, we look at each other and said that was good moment, amazing Jackson the only guest commented, I then was determine to see him again off we went thank God we have a four will drive car.

Notch as I said in last few blogs will be ruling the mara with his boys and in the next few min of the game drive turn out to be stunning.

wait for the next few min with notch the show started like we are in said a theator.
Just love it.


BigCatFanz said...

Good old Notch is looking as handsome as ever!!! Great pictures too thanks for sharing! Glad you spotted him after not seeing him for a little while, he always captures my attention - a true image of power, strength and pride. Great update!! Thankyou :)
Take care,

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
My most favourite lion - Woohoo - Notch, what a handsome chap he is. i bet your guest was glad he was the only one on the drive, what the others missed out, I would have got up at any silly hour to see Notch.
So glad you saw him. Off to catch up on the next installment.

Anonymous said...

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