Thursday, 6 August 2009

Its a great week.

To all my friends 
I cant wait to update you on the marsh pride, Kali, Binti, Olive, shakira and the girls, honey boys, the three grasses, and Notch club Oooooooo.
I have good news for all of you don't go far away.

Rafiki Jackson Looseyia


Anonymous said...

don't tell me. Another Big Cat Live this year

your friend

Joe Crammond

Notch said...

OMG , I hope it is another big Cat Live.
This is my 1st time that i am leaving a comment, and i want to say your blog is awesome Jackson.


Anonymous said...

i hope so too!!! hurry up and tell us then :)

acinonyx said...

Hello Jackson. I wish it would be another big cat live. But I also heard good news from the leopards side. Olive has been seen with cubs ; even if Paul Kirui is not sure abouth the mother, it is already a very good news

Mama Duma said...

Could it be the patter of tiny paws??
Love MD x

CheetahzOwn said...

yee sme ere Notch i just started 2 leave comments, nd hopefully der will b anofa 1, i kinda forgot bout the last 1 until i saw a vid nd it reminded me, so i started readin ur blog all the way bck from last year up til now, remind me agen y it stopped it was brilliant.

Jackson Looseyia said...

there is no big cant this year not that i had.
I know very one is looking forward for it but it look like may be not this year lol

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Notch,
I dont think big cat is on this year this was just a week with me on safari.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Acinonyx,
I have been looking for both Olive and Lorian both have been seen with cubs
however I have not conform my self if this was Olive but wait soon you will know.