Saturday, 8 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

The beginning of Day Four.

Now this is our last day what is the plan Jackson one of them said to me, well I have no opption for you it got be 6:15 for wildebeest migration ok.
That will be great we love to see the wildebeest at last, our picnic was set in the car and off we go.
I new some good news today I can feel in the air and really exited may be i will see shakira may be Lorian?

We travel as far as the Sandriver lost of wildebeest coming to Kenya from every direction the sky was full of vultures this is one of best areas to visit during migration since its not busy with other holiday makers.
At about 9 am with just wildebeest and Zebras its time to have a brake I call on the radio to James what is happening that end he replay a bit quiet but the wildebeest are about to cross the river.
We sat on the banks of the mara river a well deserve cup of coffee our moments for bird watching eagles, Kingfishers, Starlings among others.
Now its getting hot we must move to see what is happening on the river crossing, when we arrive there the numbers of tourist are high every some of them with a long lences waiting to see the croc attacks but this year is very defferent the mara river is very low the wildebeest are just walking across not as dramatic but its great to see.
I took my guest away from the crowds to a more better place where I can chat and give them some info on the migration, I love every moment I had with them watching the gnu.
They are starting to cross lets go'' I took them close as the number mount up and dust up in the air croc arriving what a great event was that.
A few min we are invaded by the tourist I then move slowly out of sight as I love solitude back to see some of the cats before lunch now I am making the last plan for our two last drive.

We need to be in the car by 4 pm no one to be late I commended to my friends with a smile.
Ok boss they said, I now know what I m doing its chui after noon.
I got into my 4by4 with my exited guest I can feel some thing good is around the conner looking around the talek rive there something here every one we all look in the near by crotons on the banks and sure there was a leopard.
Camera, binocs to try and id this leopard in the bushes fantastic we are now very exited we spend the next hour waiting for this cat to come out.
Don't go away I will update you from hrs by hrs 



littlewid said...

Jambo jackson
What an amazing day so far. The pictures are stunning and I imagine the Wildebeest were glad the river was low, less croc attacks I should imagine, sad for the crocs but brilliant for the Wildebeest.
I am so hoping it's Chui you find,im keeping my fingers crossed and look forward to the next update.

BigCatFanz said...

What a great update! The sunset looks amazing! How did you know if would be a leopard afternoon! You have a great sense of the wilderness! I think the leopard was Kali you saw, due to the markings, What a special day!Bet excitement was in the air trying to find out who it was!I cannot wait for more updates, Its really brightening up my day, Great Job Jackson!!

Mama Duma said...

That must have been awesome! But so many tourists....I hope they respect the animals and don't get in their way. I think I would feel a bit resentful of all those minibuses in my office....
Love MD x