Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Moja mbili tatu.

It is another great day for us in the office the girls for the fast time being witness a kill on there owen the mama look like she was not intrested on what is happening.
At this time they killed a young wildebeest haa, very anbesias girls but they did.
As you can see the girls which one time are led by shakira away from the wildebeest are now asking there mama where the ngus.
Just this morning we sow this girls run into the great savanna on the burungat pains and we thought just looking for something els to eat.
To our all surprise shakira did not follow or show any interest but all the three girls charge and brought down a young wildebeest shakira walk in very slowly until she arrive to the sin as nothing had happen.
Although it was very gory to watch but the bottom line is they can hunt on there own now well done mama Shakira for upbringing this great hunters to our planet well done I say again.
Every time I see something like this happened My heat melt and goes on to remember moyo the mother of Miujisa she would have been doing the same to our little star but its in our hands.
I m glad to tell every one that this girls have made it, only a matter of time they will be on there own for ever.

Salaams to you 

Jackson Looseyia.


Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson and many thanks for your previous replies, as well as the latest update from your beautiful office! Wonderful news that the girls can now hunt on their own - Shakira has done so, so well. What a star mum! How long now before she leaves Moja,Mbili and Tatu to fend for themselves completely? And how long before she's interested in a new boyfriend??...
Love MD x

BigCatFanz said...

WoW !! The girls have grown so quickly, and are so independant now! Shakira should be very proud of bringing up these great successful hunters! They have been fighters from the word go, and have been in the safest hands they could have, shakira is such a great mum!

The girls are even hunting food for their mum now haahaaa.. Great update and picture, can't wait to hear of the day their totally independant, but also it will be a sad day to see them all go their own seperate ways x
Thanks for updating us Jackson!

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

That's such good news. I can't wait for another update ........

Asante sana

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Mama Duma,
As far as we can see she is now she is taking the girls very where for a test.
The girls are coming out as champions so it could traslate a good bye sonner than we think.
As soon as they go seperate ways they she will be mating

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson and many thanks for your answer. Maybe in a few months time we will be hoping to see Nne, Tano and Sita!! Haa!
Love MD x

Anonymous said...

Wow, can't believe how quickly the girls have become (almost) independent either!!what fantastic news and photos as usual?
any news on the Jackson 5 or the Marsh Pride recently?
Take care
Apesey xx

acinonyx said...

Thank you Jackson for these brilliant updates. Quite happy to see that the 3 girls can now chase successfully. I am going back in the Mara at the beginning of november. I really hope to see them together. I know that females cheetah are sexually mature before 1 yr of age, but they are not mature hunters at that age. They may leave mother as late as 17 months. Do you think they will split completely, or is it possible that the girls stay together for a few months, like a male coalition ?

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson,
Bless Shakira, what a fantastic job she has done with her girls, that's one amazing mum and three wonderful little (not so little now)stars. Going their seperate ways will be sad but it means shakira would have done an amazing thing, raised three girls to independance, WOO HOO!!!!
As you say though, very sad thinking of Moyo as she would be doing the same with our little girl, but she is not forgotten Jackson and miujiza is thriving and thats a blessing in itself.
Thanks again for wonderful pictures and a lovely update.

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Jack,
Great to see the little girls make their own kill. This is just like when i saw honey's boys make first zebra kill early last year. This is good for them since they can now fend for themselves if they are suddenly left on their own.

dianelionlover said...

Wow, Olive has a new family, what wonderful

news, especially after we just lost the other


donnie said...

Glad to see that Shakira's girls are fine and doing well. She has done a very good job with them. It is great to see them.

Anonymous said...

wen u c ow successful dis mum has been, u wonder y other cheetah mums cnt b dis successful, den the cheetah population wuld increase by loads.