Saturday, 19 December 2009

christmas updates

My Friends,

This are the other males every love to hear about them, rhino ridge had became there most favorite spot in the mara.
At long last we have seen little cubs which they are the fathers bless them.
We had followed this males for a while now and my lord no male cheetah can beat the power of Honey boys.
We have no problem following them during the day we now call them action boys.
Again due to drought in southern kenya the area they prefer had been taken by cattle this do affect there behavior on hunting in most cases.
However if this is the end of a dry season we can call it no matata but if it continue mmm not sure about it.
The female with little cubs we thing its Serena but yet to conform its good news though for Christmas updates.
For the next few months no young males coming to take over the territory from honey boys (snap, crackle, and Pop).

Happy Christmas to you all,


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Honey's boys are just the best - it is so great to read about them and to hear that they are still top boys in the Mara.

They are just magnificent.

BigCatFan said...

am pleased to see success from these lovely cheetahs

glad to see they are doing so fine

deb said...

these boys are just so beautiful. Their mum would be proud. So glad to hear about serena too as i loved kike. Much love to all x


Nice pic by Jonathan! Very young cheetah cub! Hope God doesn't allow a tragedy to happen to these fenomenal creatures and keep them away from the herdsmen!

Anonymous said...

Those Honey Boys must just be the most awesome of all the cheetah's. And Honey would be so proud of them. And for the hardships that they overcame. They are truly a living tribute to Honey, Honey's first liter, Toto and their sister. And may the New Year bring them nothing more than their continued success.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Wow did I read that right, Honeys boys are the fathers of cubs, how exciting and what a tribute to Honey they are, three Magnificent boys and so good to hear that there are no other males out there at the moment to challenge them.