Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Jackson 5

Binti in the morning.

Now the pressure is on I have found Olive arriving with this group and her little cubs at what we call smelly crossing so but I left my camera could not give you any photos.
At night I never sleep too much always listening what is going on around me.

Just before my tea arrive 5:45 I had the leopards calling, that is binti and that is olive.
As I had ask for my gust to be waken up at the same time they are not in a hurry to be with me on time.
Fire the engine, off we went min we had cross the Talek towards the east and we sow two lionesses at the same time Binti was on the opposite bank looking at one another.
Where should we look the lions or the leopard the mara have some of best qualities of the game drive in the world.
Two hrs later I am still determine to see olive and her cubs. 
Min of looking for her the fist give way was the cars near smelly crossing I new she was there but I still love to share this experiences to my gust since I fell I am meeting a friend in Maasai mara.
I sow the little ones play under the roots of a tree and olive up the tree since the hyenas have stolen her second kill.
Well I love my office this is all before breakfast and the gust and I will be living to homes our other camp just fab.

See you in a hrs friends 


Jackson Looseyia

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mjp2501 said...

Jambo Jackson,
How old is Olive now? It must be so wonderful to be able to get up and close with all the big cats in the Mara. I pray that the BBC will bring back Big Cat Diary, I miss it very much.
Salaams, Mike in Texas