Thursday, 29 October 2009

honey boys

Dear all 

This time we eat like cheetahs on the move two hrs to homes and on the way try and see more Cats if possible.
10 min after we have wave Good bye to Jono and Dudu some one on the radio we have found the Boys.
Get ready bean bags, tripods, fully charge cameras on the road.
Yes this are honey boys under a balanitis tree in the middle of mara paradise plains all other animals are rested just eat yesterday I reckon.
Since we are under pressure to get to our next destination we are quick like any other departures in the maasai mara. 

This boys still are power of cheetah wold in the mara we have not seen any males in the area to challenge them.
A few other cheetahs like Allana, long, Serena, among other girls have been seen in our area of reach.
A young female is about to give birth at Olkeju rongai near the Simiti crossing, among the news is new cubs have been seen with one of the Ridge pride females near Serena, and three of the females I sow day before members of the Ridge are all very heavy pregnant so a lot of babies are on the way in a week and month.
For those whore coming to mara in november you will have the best time every in the maasai mara the short rains are starting little one every where migration still in the mara it will be fantastic.
We got to move I said to my guest, to the marsh.

As we arrive like always this must be the best place to see wildlife at the same time, the diversity of wild life bird life, tourist etc.

Rakita and I are looking every behavior from cars to animals birds just find lions on trees.
The herd of Buffalos have cornered the pride this is Lisby and her sub adults cubs they have grown so well too.
Bibi in the middle of the mash and Red no where to be seen while white Eye was 600 mt way in save place bless her.
clawed and Romeo were under a tree resting living all the work to the girls great boys just like us some time.
The mash was action after the other this office is the best love it all the way every min and sec I spend our there.

I left them in safe trees and wish them the best of luck as always I cant wait to see them again.

Bless you all 

And have a good day in the office.


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for all those great updates - what a time you are having in the mara at the moment. So pleased all the Big Cat Stars are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
Just read all of today's updates - i so wish i lived in your office! so glad to hear that the Jackson 5 are doing well along with Honey's boys. has anyone seen Kali recently? loved the updates about the lions, how cute is Notch's little cub!!
Take care
Apesey xxx

acinonyx said...

excellent !!

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson
What great updates - thank you so much.
Great news of all the cats, I especially love to hear news of Honeys Boys. I adore them!!
Are there any plans to give them names? They are such characters it seems a shame to not name them.
Good news for the cheetah population with the imminent births. Fingers crossed that a good many survive to be healthy adults.
You are so lucky to work in your office-wish ours was half so much fun!!

Stay blessed Jackson,

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Just been catching up with all your blogs. So much going on and everyone seems to be doing really well. Wow it seems as if there is going to be an explosion of babys, how wonderful is that.
One question, is Red ok, you mentioned she wasn't to be seen with the others, I hope she is alright, can you please let us know if she is ok.
Thanks Jackson

mjp2501 said...

Jambo Jackson,
It must be so great to have your office in such a fantastic place like the Maasai Mara.
I hope you realize how lucky you are!!
Thank You for the updates, I too feel like these Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs are part of my family in a way.
Salaam,,Mike in Texas

mjp2501 said...

I do not blame the Lions for being in the trees. If Cape Buffalo were chasing me, I'd be in the trees too.
Mike in Texas, USA

Jackson Looseyia said...

Thank you all
I know this is a blessing to here with this wonderful friends.

Bless you all


Dave & Jenny Hill said...

Jambo Jackson

When we stayed at Mara Intrepids for 2 nights (29&30 October) we saw Honeys boys, Olive and her 2 cubs and one of the Olkiombo Pride females gave birth to 3 cubs right outside our tent on the Talek River Bank. I have some poor photographs taken over the top of the electrified fence of 2 of the cubs if you want them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you Jackson for this website and posting updates on the big ats! since Big cat week lasts only a week once or twice an year we never get such a great updates as yours are! thank you again! keep up the amaizing work and hopefully I will soon witness those amaizing wild animals ( the lions- my favourite) soon!