Thursday, 29 October 2009

olkiombo Boys

We arrive home safely and the hot towel was given to us by Jonson Sanguya.
After a short Siasta its time to go friends you are lead by a staff master haaaaaa.

We look every where looking for Olkiombo boys until the last light we found them flat like most lions what a suprise.
That evening we couldnt sleep they came roaring around the camp until morning I think telling Notch not came any close this will be the war of all wars if you come any where near our new cubs.

Three of them born near the camp below the talek olare ork Jaction right at Binti breeding ground large rock.

Long waiting we need to go home.

Wait for the next day cool.

Jackson Looseyia.

1 comment:

mjp2501 said...

Jambo, Seems Notch may be in for a tough time. Feel bad for the old warrior.
Salaams, Mike in Texas, USA