Thursday, 29 October 2009

ridge pride

Notch little cub.

We are waking up at 6 am and let us meet in the car by 6:30 right.
As we look around fist is the numbers of wildbeest in the mara I thought they have left but when I look over the conservancy Rhino ridge, below look out full to the top, The migration will be late going back to Serengeti.

Min after a long scan we sow 7 of the ridge pride well feed and looking sad I think still thinking one day Dady will be with us Snugle tooth.

I push on to look for the next king Notch but with the number of pictures the Guest are taking I gave up on Notch its self, any one on the pride will make my day i am living the next day to rekero home.
A few min later one of our guids call me on the radio the crossing had started thousand are getting to the river run.

Just in time when I started the car Rakita  Our spotter said to me stop there is a snake over there.
This was a spitting Cobra we finally Id.
So much to see in the mara, wait for the next hour.


Jackson looseyia.

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mjp2501 said...

Jambo Jackson,
Just wondering, do you find many snakes on the Mara?
It seems Leopard Gorge or victory Ridge would have lots of snakes.
Salaams, Mike in Texas