Saturday, 19 December 2009

christmas updates

We have followed the Girls for a while now got to know them and have the joy to be entertain by this beautiful predators.
As we look back Shakira have done a brilliant job raising this young cheetahs, she want through had ship from lions, to hyenas human activities and even some driver guides who does not understand wildlife behavior when she want to hunt.
All in we take our hurts, and bless Shakira for keeping her family safe, feed, most important train to be in-depended.

We don't know exactly where she is Kenya or Tanzania however she is doing well and still together.
Cheetah have a lot of problems to make it, with such competition on the ground well I think when ever we see any thing threatening cheetah we should help to make sure they survive the next day.

Out in the field we Cheetah are the most scares, there habitat is also been taken away by people.
Growing in the mara I have seen big changers I just hope we can make some wise decitions in the long run.


deb said...

A world without any of these big cats is a total tragedy. I have a soft spot for the Cheetah so i truly hope they are around in the wild for future generations to see and enjoy. Over here in Australia the Koala is now very threatened i hope action is taken to help them too. Merry Christmas Jackson and please keep up your good work. X

Laikipia said...

Shakira (Sita) is just the best mother ever and i hope that when the 3 cubs finally leave her (if they haven't alrady) that they will be as successful as her.


We fully agree with you Jackson! Fragile bigcat cheetah is! We are still waiting to see the day that Moja, Mbili na Tatu will split from Shakira...WE wish them to keep doing good! Good luck for them!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more that Shakira has done an amazing job with her three girls. And may they be as good as a mother as she is. And another cheetah family that lost 2 cubs. And they have made it to adulthood is just great. But the cheetah maybe fragile but their are great attempts being made for their survival. But the lion is in deep trouble lately. And it will be sad for all of us if any creature goes extinct. And Deb posted about the Koala Bear but in Australia also the Tazmanian Devil is in serious trouble also.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Shakira, what an amazing mum she has been to Moja, Mbili & Tatu, just the best. It is a shame she is no longer in your office Jackson, I fear updates on Shakira and the girls will be very little in the future, which is sad to think about.
I hope they all continue to do well and have safe futures ahead of them.
Your Christmas updates have been amazing Jackson, each and every one like a little christmas present of our favourite cats.
Thank you so much