Thursday, 29 October 2009

Notch family

Notch Son 

At last one of notch Sons come out in the middle of the day causing caos in the main crossing.
While we are stay for min waiting for the crossing to happen not this time let go meet this boy.

At the conner of the last gnu is lioness after food which was at end success full well done girls.
This pride now have 7 young cubs all looking last when we sow them I new something was going one as the cubs left one of the fathers wadering in the long grass.
We slowly drove to see the two girls on a kill but I said to the gust lets follow that one and get the story, she is going to get the cubs.
What a nice day she call all the cubs and lead them to the kill love every min of it with notch pride.
This boy had no idea what had happen and we did not give any tips either.

I will see you later 


Jackson Looseyia.

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mjp2501 said...

This is the first time I've heard you call the Wildabeest by it's other name. ( GNU )
Matter of fact I never heard Jonathan or Simon call them Gnus either.Just caught my attention.