Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Olive and Binti soul mate

This morning,
We meet Olives Fathers cubs and Binti.
This male took over from Big boy, lovely to meet him.

The mother of two cubs this morning and one of the cubs is gone missing I think she lost her, 
though she is still looking.

Have a prosperous new year 

Jackson Looseyia.


becki-c said...

I hope that she finds the other cub, they are so precious. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

that is sad to hear that she has lost one of her cubs so fingers crossed she can keep the other one safe.
lovely picture of the leopard and the lions.
Happy new year Jackson!!
love Apesey x

littlewid said...

Gorgeous Leopard Picture Jackson, a Handsome boy indeed.
Poor Cheetah mum, she must be distraught, I so hope she finds her cub safe and well and that the other little one stays close to mum.
Thank you for your wonderful updates Jackson

Olivier Delaere said...

One dead cub means increasing chances for the other one to survive.
Natural order on the african plain...